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Still don't know which show to watch?

Reference to this site 2023 拉斯维加斯 top ten most popular show

The ticket purchase method of the show is divided into four types: online booking, on-site ticketing, combined package, and gambling discount ticket.


Method one, online booking, convenient and cheap


In addition, when we try our best to provide the lowest price on the Internet, we will continue to negotiate the best price with various suppliers.

Compare prices (price at checkout!)

1. – $284.87

Both of them marked the price as a ticket $122.51, but the fee charged at checkout was different, resulting in a total difference of $13 blocks.

3. IFunvegas – $258

We have no additional fees at checkout. The price seen is the final price (including taxes, fees, etc.) and is $13 lower than the lower of the two.

The demonstration here is just to tell you a few things. At first glance, our ticket is $129, which is more expensive than $122, but because we didn't add any fees at checkout, the overall price is more cost-effective, so the price is better. Be sure to look at the final price and don't be fooled by the price you see at first sight.


Although the example we gave is that our price wins, it is not necessarily the same every time we have a way to provide the lowest price.

There are a few possible cases where we won't recommend you to buy tickets with us:

  1. If you really want to choose your own seat: then Many of the above shows are connected to the show system, you can directly see the seat selection.
  2. If you place an order a few hours before the start of the day: then we may not have time to help you invoice. Because we are in a more traditional way to receive orders and confirm with the show (generally need 1-2 working days).

Pick-up after checkout (e-ticket is sent to the mailbox, or the voucher is exchanged at the site)

Extra Tips

Method 2, purchase tickets on site

Method three, from looking for a dinner plus show package-match according to personal preference


Method 4, gambler discount ticket