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In this article, we will first briefly introduce the difference between the Antelope Valley, the Upper Antelope Valley and the Lower Antelope Valley, and the time and date suitable for the visit. Next, we will introduce you to the method of buying the Antelope Valley tickets by car and the options for signing up with the group (single-day group, multi-day group). Later in the article, we will have more information about Antelope Valley, Horseshoe Bay and self-driving tours, including accommodation, meal recommendations, and other nearby attractions.

Antelope Canyon Introduction

Image credit: Peter Lik (widewalls)

The picture above is the Upper Antelope Canyon

What is the difference between the upper antelope and the lower antelope?

When is the best time to visit antelope canyon?

Antelope Valley Tickets (Classification, Ticketing Method)

Ticket classification

Regardless of the Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon, the ticket is roughly divided into "Sightseeing Tour" and "Photography Tour". The former is the most basic 1 hour garden tour and general sightseeing. The latter is a photography group. The time spent in the park will be slightly longer, about 1 hours to 1 hours and a half, giving everyone a more complete shooting time.

Since the upper antelope is more popular, the ticket for the upper antelope is about $20/person than the lower antelope. For children's tickets, the Upper Antelope is charged regardless of the child's age (0-12); for the Lower Antelope, 0-7 is free, and 8-12 is a child's ticket.

Ticket purchase method

There are different Indian merchants in the upper and lower antelopes who use different time periods to take their own guests into the park.

The following antelopes are examples.Dixie EllisAndKen's Tour. The group of two merchants arranged in two rows at the entrance of the lower antelope, and the group of wheels on both sides flowed into the park. Both merchants have their own official website and can book tickets, but because many travel agencies have already packaged most of their tickets, they often don't see bookable tickets on their websites.

There are more than two merchants on the upper antelope.Navajo Tours,Antelope Canyon ToursMainly. Since the upper antelope is too popular, the upper antelope tickets are mostly bought out, and it is very difficult to find a bookable time on the Internet.

Through us, we can buy tickets with these travel agencies who have booked tickets, and we can assist in booking tickets for "sold out" on these networks. (However, it is recommended to make an appointment as soon as possible, even these scalper second-hand tickets will still be sold out. It is recommended to book tickets at least one to two weeks before departure)

Help us book tickets for Upper and Lower Antelope Valley through our assistance -> Click this link to book

Every month, we assist more than one hundred travelers to book Antelope Valley tickets.
Our successful billing rate during the summer vacation:

Participate in a single day group

Participate in a multi-day group

More Antelope Valley and Horseshoe Bay Topography and History

Film appreciation – Upper Antelope

Self-driving tour related information

If you want to travel by car to Antelope Valley or Horseshoe Bay, the following information may be helpful.

Usually you have to travel to the Antelope Valley to stay here for one night, and the nearest town to the Antelope Valley is Page. Due to the popularity of Antelope Valley in recent years, it has also driven the business opportunities in this town and has added several new Samsung hotels in the past two years.


Here are our recommended accommodation options (good quality accommodation and relatively worthwhile options)

  1. Country Inn & Suites by Radisson
  2. La Quinta by Wyndham
  3. Baymont by Wyndham
  4. Wingate


To be honest, there is no delicious Chinese restaurant in the town of Peggy. However, if you really want to eat Chinese food, you can refer to The Great Wall of China and Mandarin Gourmet. Walmart can buy food and daily necessities in the town. In addition, there are also fast food restaurants and American restaurants in the town.

In general, breakfast is recommended for several of the above recommended accommodations, so it is probably lunch and dinner.

Attractions nearby

1. Green Dam Glenn Canyon Dam

Source: National Park Official Website

Since it is self-driving, your time should not be as fast as participating in a single day group. You can check out the Glen Canyon Dam near the town of Peggy. Just take a photo outside and take about 15-20 minutes. You can also enter the guided tour, and someone will take it to the dam and take the elevator to the bottom.

2. Powell Lake Powell

The nearby Lake Powell is actually a very beautiful man-made lake. The general tour group will only stay and stay because of lack of time. In fact, there are great different cruise ship products on Lake Powell. Because there is no wave on the lake, it is quite stable although it is a boat. In the good weather, you can see very beautiful scenery between the canyons. In addition to cruise ships, you can rent water motorcycles, kayaks, etc. to play on the water.

For more details, please refer to the official website of Lake Powell:

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