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[Save money] How to buy a cheap ticket show in Las Vegas? (6.17.19 update)

by | 6 month 12, 2019 | Q & A, Must Read Guides, Las Vegas, Featured Posts

How to buy a cheap ticket show in Las Vegas? [3.30.2019 Update] When you come to Las Vegas, everyone will want to watch a wonderful show! But the average show price is not cheap, what method can I use to find a cheap ticket? We will share this article. Tips for buying tickets in Las Vegas, teach you how to save money and watch the show! Before you learn how to book a discount on the Las Vegas show, you should first understand the following things: popular shows, discounts, promotions The show is usually very upset – the more classic the high-level performance, the less the discount, because there are many people who want to watch. For example, Cirque du Soleil's most classic O shows is very lucky if you can buy 85 discount tickets!...

Las Vegas - How to get from the airport to the hotel?

by | 2 month 21, 2018 | Transportation Information, Q & A

Las Vegas - How to get from the airport to the hotel? If you are traveling with a local tour in Taiwan or China, or a trip to the US-Western tour group in LA, there will be no such trouble because the travel society has a big bus directly to the destination. But for other free-flowing travelers, or those who want to take care of their own traffic when they fly to Las Vegas McCarran Airport, they worry about the traffic from the airport to the hotel. In fact, the airport is not far from the hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. The taxi ride is about 10-15 minutes. The bus or shuttle bus will be longer because it will stop at the station and it should also be considered as the current traffic situation. And set. Here are a few different ways to get you to the hotel from Las Vegas Airport. Airport shuttle bus...

20 must be known before starting to Las Vegas

by | 10 month 22, 2017 | Q & A, Las Vegas, Featured Posts

20 things you must know before you leave for Las Vegas. Las Vegas is not like an ordinary resort. The characteristics of the bustling casinos and high-end hotels also contain a lot of things to pay attention to. What do you have to know about the trip to Las Vegas, and hope that everyone will have a pleasant and unfortunate journey around the natural landscape? 20. Life must go to the attractions - Grand Canyon National Park (Grand Canyon National Park) is The National Park in the southwestern United States, listed as a World Heritage Site in 1, is considered a must-see for life. 1979. The difference between the West Canyon and the South Canyon is the closest to Las Vegas (about 2 miles, about two hours drive), and the South Gorge is much more (125 miles, four and a half hours drive)...
Las Vegas - What is Hotel Resort Fee?

Las Vegas - What is Hotel Resort Fee?

by | 2 month 10, 2015 | Q & A

Las Vegas - What is the Resort Fee of the hotel? What is Resort Fee? Many people check out the hotel and notice that there is an extra "Resort Fee" on the bill. Resort Fee Chinese resort, resort/hotel facilities fee, and this fee will vary from hotel to hotel and will include different content items. Basically, there are Wifi and cable plugs included in the room. Internet and phone use, but the phone part only includes local calls, if the international call is displayed on the bill, it will be seen when check out), and there are facilities available, such as the hotel's swimming pool. Gym and more. Resort Fee...