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Starting in January 2020, the site decided to start accepting contributions from passengers. As the Chinese information website of Las Vegas Travel, in addition to the information we can organize, we hope that everyone can also share their own experience text to all viewers of our website.

Suitable for

You have been to Las Vegas in the last three years or you are planning to travel to Las Vegas.

Why submit? What do you get?

  • This site currently has 2 to 3 readers per month. After successful review, your article will have the opportunity to be read by all audiences on this site; in addition, your article will have the opportunity to be recommended or selected among the important articles on this site
  • According to the length and quality of your article, our team will determine the final submission bonus, ranging from 10-100 USD / successfully reviewed articles
  • If you haven't traveled to Las Vegas and are currently planning to attend an event, we have the opportunity to get you an experience grant for that event. (For example: you want to participate in skydiving activities, 200 USD / person; we have the opportunity to help you get experience subsidies with merchants, from discounts to free experience fees are possible)

Call for Papers

Submission restrictions: As we want to ensure the authenticity of the content, all experiential texts must be able to prove that they have actually participated.

Area restrictions: Las Vegas, Page (antelope valley, small town near Horseshoe Bay), Grand Canyon (West Gorge or South Gorge), Las Vegas area

Content limit: 250 words or more. If you can add points to the graphic and text, provide extra points for the video.

  • Culinary experience text-share your dining experience at a specific restaurant, or meal arrangements and experience throughout the journey, etc.
  • Bars, nightclubs, nightlife experience articles-Share your experience in a specific bar or nightclub in Las Vegas, or share the nightlife experience of the whole journey
  • Hotel accommodation experience-share your experience of staying in a hotel or hotel in a basic or specific room type, or your evaluation of the entire hotel
  • Group and play experience articles-share your experience and evaluation of participating in some Las Vegas single-day groups, or fun experience projects such as helicopters, skydiving, racing, shooting, etc.
  • Watching shows and performing experience articles-share your experience of watching shows or performing
  • Self-driving travel experience – If you rent a car on this trip and arrange self-driving to different attractions, you can share the itinerary and share your self-driving travel experience and travel tips

If you are willing to contribute, please fill out the form below; if you have any questions, please leave a message in the lower right corner of the window, or send us an email:

Experiential Sharing Application Form