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Grand Canyon location

West Canyon (with glass bridge)

Should I go to the Glass Bridge to go to West Canyon?

South Canyon (national park, no glass bridge)


Which spots in the South Canyon are the most beautiful? Don’t miss the South Gorge attractions

What season is suitable for traveling to the Grand Canyon?

In the summer, the canyon is very hot, sometimes it is raining heavily, and there are a large number of people everywhere. Not only the Native Americans will bring their families to travel in the summer, but also international tourists. If time permits, summer nights are perfect for camping in the Grand Canyon (South Gorge) park, or staying in a log cabin to experience the atmosphere of the canyon from morning to night and the fun of the picnic.

The icy weather in winter scares away most visitors, with the least number of visitors this season. But this time actually has its own characteristics, the snow-covered Grand Canyon is another beautiful view.

Spring and autumn are good seasons to visit the Grand Canyon. The temperature will not be too hot or too cold, the crowd in the park will not be as much as summer, and because it is not the peak season, booking accommodation in the park will be relatively cheaper. If you like hiking, the climate of this season is the most suitable for hiking.

Summary: Summer (6-8 month) is the hottest and most popular, suitable for camping, the most expensive accommodation in the park; less people in spring and autumn, cheaper accommodation; winter people will snow at least, so it can be very cold, but accommodation It is also relatively cheap.

Overnight in the South Canyon, stay in the park, cabins, camping

In addition, if you want to spend a little more time in the Grand Canyon, you can stay in a hotel or wooden house in the park for one night (to be ordered very early). There are supermarkets and breakfast shops in the park, where you can also buy almost all the equipment, food, and simple meals that camping needs, which is quite convenient.

Accommodation in the park is usually booked through the official website: https://www.visitgrandcanyon.comYavapai Lodge is a budget wooden house accommodation in the park.

There are different points in camping in the park. For more information, please refer toGrand Canyon National Park's official website

Table format comparison compares Xixia and Nanxia

  West Rim South Rim
Distance from Las Vegas 125 miles 275 miles
One-way car time 2-2.5 hours 4.5-5 hours
Attractions richness medium high
Best tour length (days) 1 multiple days
IFunVegas Recommendation 3.5/5 5/5
Single-day tour price From $145 per person
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From $119 per person
Click here to view and book
small plane group From $419 per person
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From $659 per person
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Helicopter regiment From $565 per person
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(more airline groups)
not applicable
Other features Skywalk, helicopter and boat ride, pass by the Hoover Dam There is a park for camping.Valley Helicopter


Q: Do I still need to go to the West Canyon and the Glass Bridge after going to the South Grand Canyon National Park?

A: Our advice is: no.Because the South Canyon has seen a lot of Grand Canyon scenery, returning to the West Canyon will be relatively boring, and the cost is not low.On the contrary, it will feel that the CP value is very low.Unless you particularly want to experience the glass bridge, travelers who have been to the South Canyon will usually not push the West Canyon again.

Advantages of South Canyon: Rich in attractions, enjoy the Grand Canyon from different sights and angles.The park's transportation and facilities are abundant and complete, suitable for staying in hotels, cabins, inns, tents or RV camping.It is suitable for two days and one night or three days and two nights groups (in addition to the South Canyon, you can also go to Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Baoweihu and other areas).

Disadvantages: The location is far from Las Vegas (about 4.5-5 hours one-way), and the one-day group takes a round trip by car, which takes a long time.