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IFunvegas Product Booking Regulations and Terms

IFunvegas LLC, a registered company in Nevada, the following is the abbreviation of the company.

Scheduled regulations

1. Please pay attention to the cancellation terms of the product before placing an order.Many products are non-cancellable, changeable, or refundable once an order has been placed (such as most show tickets and attraction tickets, etc.).Some products provide a cancellation policy and a refund period (if you need to change or cancel the confirmed service, you must change or cancel the relevant service by email with us on or before the cancellation period, contact email:

2. Most products are confirmed twice. After placing the order, we will work as soon as possible to help you confirm the relevant services of the reservation.Once the booking is confirmed, the cancellation clause in accordance with Article XNUMX above takes effect immediately; in the event of a failed booking, we will issue a full refund to you.

3. The payment for all orders is only for "credit card authorization", and the actual deduction will be made after confirmation.

4. The company will not compensate or refund if the departure time and transportation are missed due to the personal reasons of the passengers who are unable to assemble and depart on time.In the event of irresistible factors such as weather, traffic, war, strikes, etc. that cannot or affect the tour, itinerary or service, the company will try to get a partial or full refund for the passenger.

5. The company is an online travel agency that assists in booking various recreational activities, single-day and multi-day tours, not an actual tourism operation company.The major tourist operating companies that cooperate with our company are all local tourist operating companies with rich experience, good reputation and reliability in Las Vegas.If an accident occurs during the itinerary, resulting in casualties or other losses, the solution shall be based on the regulations stipulated by airlines, hotels, buses and other operating agencies, and has nothing to do with the company.


other conditions

1. After the order is confirmed, the company will send a confirmation email to you (in a few cases, this email may enter spam).If you do not receive this confirmation email within 12-24 hours after placing the order, please contact us as soon as possible. ( Or text or call our local US number: 1-702-381-2301)

2. Please read the product description and other information before placing the order. The company provides the latest product information as much as possible. The product information is for reference only and should be based on the supplier's operation.


Last updated: 05/01/2022