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If you come to Las Vegas and you want to be able to visit the surrounding national parks and other attractions, you can arrange two-day or even three-day tours to visit nearby natural landscapes and national parks. In this article, we provide you with a rough itinerary reference. The actual trip can be driven by car, or you can contact us to arrange a chartered car.

If you are not familiar with the natural landscapes and national parks near Las Vegas, you can refer to our overall article – Las Vegas National Park and surrounding landscape finishing

Two-day itinerary reference

Classic itinerary (South Gorge + Antelope Canyon + Horseshoe Bay)

Day One: Depart from Las Vegas via Hoover and arrive at South Canyon (Grand Canyon National Park) – about 5 hours by car
After visiting various attractions in the Nanxia Park, you can stay at a hotel in the Canyon Park or go to a hotel near the Canyon Park. (However, because the hotels in the park are more expensive, if you want to save money, you can live in Flagstaff, nearby Flagstaff, or hurry to Page, the small town of Page, which will go the next day.)

The next day: If you lived in Nanxia Park the night before, you can pass Desert View Point first when you drive east the next day.Then proceed to Page Town.Near the town of Page is Antelope Canyon and Mati Bay.Antelope Valley recommends booking tickets in advance, Horseshoe Bay does not require tickets, but you have to pay for parking when you arrive at the scene. – It takes about 2 hours to drive from Nanxia to Page Town.

Finally, we will return to Las Vegas, and we will return to Las Vegas the next night-Page Town, it takes about 4.5 hours to return to Las Vegas.

General tips
*Antelope Valley is recommended to visit during the day when the light is good. Upper Antelope is especially recommended to visit at noon, where you can see the famous mysterious beam.Since Antelope Valley is very popular, it is generally recommended to buy tickets more than two weeks before departure, otherwise you may not be able to buy tickets in the end.We have reservations for Antelope Canyon tickets, please go to reservationsUpper antelope,Lower antelopeTickets.
* Horseshoe Bend can be accessed after Antelope Canyon. (If you go to the town of Page the night before. You can go to Horseshoe Bay to watch the sunset before the sun goes down)
*In addition, you will pass through Green Dam and Lake Powell, and you can stop at the tourist center for a short time to take pictures.

Similar to this itinerary (not exactly the same), groups with fixed departures can sign up:-
*Two-day bus tour, Southeast Shuangxia National Park, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Powell Lake Chinese group,Please click here to view the product.

In addition, if you need to arrange a customized itinerary, chartered car, driver with tour guide, or driver and guide service, please leave a message through the contact window in the lower right corner of this website or please send an email Contact us and we will usually get back to you within one working day. In an emergency, please text or call our local US number: +1-702-381-2301.


Niche itinerary (Zion + Bryce + Antelope Canyon + Horseshoe Bay)

Day One: Las Vegas starts from Zion National Park, then stops for a few hours before heading to Bryce Canyon – Las Vegas to Zion is about 2.5 hours drive, and then to Bryce Canyon is about 1.5 hours drive.
Stay at or near Bryce Canyon National Park at the end of the first day. However, it is recommended to live in the nearby Kanab town, so that it is closer to the place to go the next day.

The next day: Go to Page Town and nearby Antelope Valley in the morning, and then go to Horseshoe Bend.On the return trip, you can briefly stop at Green Dam and Lake Powell. – About an hour’s drive from Kanab Town to Page Town
In the afternoon, after the end of the trip, return to Las Vegas, and return to Las Vegas after the evening – Peggy's return journey to Las Vegas takes about 4.5 hours.

Similar to this itinerary (not exactly the same), groups with fixed departures can sign up:-
*Two-day bus tour, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powell Chinese Group,Please click here to view and pre-order products.

If you need to arrange a customized itinerary, chartered car, driver with a tour guide, or the company's guide service, please trouble youFill in the demand form.

The local travel agency has a three-day bus tour that includes the attractions mentioned above, that is, going to the Grand Canyon West, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, etc. If you want to join a group, you canClick here to go to the product page for details.It is relatively deep and rich in content.

Three-day itinerary reference

Classic itinerary (Zion + Bryce + Horseshoe Bay + Antelope Canyon + South Gorge)

The two-day itinerary mentioned earlier is actually a more appropriate itinerary for three days. (If you are driving by yourself, it is not recommended to drive for two days because the journey is very, very long and it will be very tiring. On average, you will drive 6-8 hours a day).This is commonly known as the "Southwest Giant Circle" because it actually goes around a large circle next to Las Vegas, so it is called the Giant Circle. Southwest refers to the southwestern United States.

Day One: Zion, Bryce (live in Bryce or Kanab)
The next day: Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Valley, Green Dam, Lake Powell (live in Page)
Day Three: Southern Grand Canyon (observation tower + main park), return via Hoover

Since it is a giant ring around a circle, it can also be turned into the opposite direction:-
Day One: Pass through Hoover, arrive at the Grand Canyon of the South (stay in the South Gorge)
The next day: Watchtower, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Green Dam, Lake Powell (live in Page)
Day Three: Bryce, Zion and back

But of course if you go from different directions, the accommodation arrangements are not the same, and the stay time of the attractions will be slightly different. The above itinerary is a general arrangement, and you can adjust the details yourself.

Other options for self-driving travelers
*The overall time of three days is ample, you can refer to the two helicopter products from Page in the town of Page: [Page Town] Horseshoe Bay Helicopter Air Tour And [Page Town] Horseshoe Bay helicopter, including hill landing
*You can even add an itinerary to Lake Powell cruise in the afternoon or evening at Page Time.For detailed itinerary, please refer to the official website: Boat tours

Similar to this itinerary (not exactly the same, it is going to the West Grand Canyon, not the South Grand Canyon) There are also fixed-departure groups that can sign up:-
*Three days group, Please click here to view the product.

If you need to arrange a customized itinerary, chartered car, driver with a tour guide, or the company's guide service, please trouble youFill in the demand form.

Four-day itinerary reference

The four-day itinerary is basically a two-day or three-day classic itinerary described above, with additional extensions, adjustments, and new itineraries.

If you want to visit Lake Powell in more depth, you can stay in Page Town for one more day and take part in a full day cruise.We recommend the product "Rainbow Bridge-Rainbow Bridge Boat Tour",Click here to view the official website (Itinerary in English, but Chinese audio guide). The journey takes about seven hours, starting at 80am and returning at 2pm. This tour will take you along the river about XNUMX kilometers to Rainbow Bridge Park on the other side of Lake Powell. It takes about XNUMX kilometers to walk outdoors all day.

The four-day itinerary can also be extended to Monument Valley National Park after arriving at Peggy Town, which is further north to Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park and Overnight in the small town of Moab. Very few people have arranged this trip, mainly because the time is usually faster and the journey is longer. It has already arrived in Utah next door and far away. However, this list of national parks is an important excursion to the Midwest and Utah.

If you are interested, you can check the information and pictures of these national parks on the Internet.


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