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Las Vegas must visit the distinctive architecture - from the Las Vegas Strip south to the north

6. Bellagio (and water show at the door)

8. Mirage Mirage Hotel (and the volcano show at the door, twice a night)

9. Treasure Island Treasure Island

10. Venetian,Palazzo Palazzo Hotel (and indoor Grand canal shoppes)

11 Wynn/Still Wynn Hotel

The top ten sightseeing spots on the avenue (according to popular rankings)

1. High Roller


2. Welcome sign Las Vegas Welcome Sign

3. Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

4. Marvel Avengers STATION


5. Voodoo ZIP LINE


6. Shark Reef Aquarium Mandray Hotel Shark Aquarium


7. Mirage White Tiger and Dolphin Habitat


8. MADAME TUSSAUDS Star Wax Museum


9. TITANIC Titanic Exhibition Hall


10. Mob Museum


2021 Las Vegas New Attractions

1. Hunger Games Exhibition Hall

Source: Hunger Games Exhibition official website

Location: MGM Grand
Type of attraction: Exhibition hall
Price: official priceUSD$45 ( $33)
IFV rating: 5/5
Purchase Tickets Here:

Avenue specialty shopping street

Las Vegas City Sightseeing Spots

Five reasons to arrange a visit to the city

Surrounding natural landscape