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[Selected Products] Antelope Canyon and Grand Canyon 2 Day Photography Tour

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Upper Antelope Canyon + Lower Antelope Canyon + Grand Canyon National Park + Horseshoe Bay

Highlights of the itinerary:
1. gives you a glimpse of the beauty of the two Antelope Canyons (Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon);
2. Take a deep tour of the Grand Canyon National Park and let you enjoy your stay.
3. Feel the magnificent Horseshoe Bay;
4. Stay in a pleasant Peggy hotel.

Date of departure: 04/01/2019 – 12/29/2019;
Mission requirements: four or more
Child price: same size (2 children under the age of free participation in this group)

Details of the itinerary:
First day
Driving to the world's famous Antelope Canyon on the Antelope Valley in the morning is also a fascinating place for photographers around the world. Antelope Canyon is one of the world's famous slit-shaped canyons, located in the northern part of Arizona, USA. The soft sandstone gorge is formed by millions of years of erosive force, mainly by the erosion of flash floods, followed by wind erosion. During the monsoon season, flooding often flows into the canyon. Due to the sudden increase in rainfall, the flow rate of the flash flood is quite fast. In addition, the narrow channel narrows the river channel, so the vertical erosivity is relatively large, forming the bottom of the canyon. Corridors, as well as hard, smooth, flowing edges on the walls of the valley. A professional Indian guide will take you into the interior of the Antelope Canyon to get a closer look at the wonders of the storm and wind erosion.

In the afternoon, drive to the magnificent Horseshoe Bay in the magnificent scenery of Horseshoe Bay. Standing on a steep, steep cliff overlooking the green waters of 1000 feet, the graceful U-shaped corners are shocking. Every angle is amazing! Meet the fun of your canyon adventure.

The next day
In the morning, at the expense of entering the fantasy "Lower Antelope Valley Color Cave". The magical light and shadow is unforgettable, and there is a light and shadow magician under the ground. The local Indians take you on a hike, and the beauty is amazing. "Antelope Canyon" is called "the place touched by the hand of God", and it is a great work of nature. The crack canyon, millions of years of time to achieve a beautiful place, has created a geological miracle of orange-red magic light and shadow, together they become the chasing light to explore the magical wonders, not beautiful and can be described. (The project is a self-funded project, you can choose not to participate)

In the afternoon, head to Grand Canyon National Park, one of the world's 7 Grand Wonders, to experience the Indian flair. The Grand Canyon National Park is steep and magnificent, standing on the edge of the cliff and staring at the bottom of the valley where the bottom of the foot is not deep. In the Grand Canyon National Park, the best view point, facing the magic of nature, experience the majesty of nature and the smallness of human beings. Staring at the magnificent canyon, admire the beauty of the Colorado River. Enjoy the calm and empty air and quiet conversation with nature.

Drive along the road to experience the rough and heroic nature of the American West. The 66 road, which cannot be missed, is known as the “Time Tunnel”. When driving fast on the 66 road, it seems to cross into the time tunnel plot in American movies. Add a perfect ending to this trip.

*Disclaimer: Pick-up and travel schedules are for reference only. Travel time may be adjusted or changed due to road conditions, weather changes or other factors, whichever is the day's itinerary.

(11 month to 4 month)

(5 month to 10 month)

1 dayDeparting from Las Vegas06: 00 AM

06: 00 AM

Arriving on Upper Antelope Canyon

11: 30 AM

11: 30 AM

Touring the antelope

12: 00 PM or 12: 45 PM

12: 00 PM or 12: 45 PM

Arrive at Horseshoe Bay13: 30 PM

13: 30 PM

Stay at Clarion Inn or Days Inn or similar hotel

15: 30 PM

15: 30 PM

2 dayFree time
(Optional project: visit the Lower Antelope Valley)
10: 30 AM - 12: 30 PM

10: 30 AM - 12: 30 PM

Going to the Grand Canyon12: 30 PM

12: 30 PM

Arriving at the Grand Canyon14: 30 PM

14: 30 PM

Going to Las Vegas16: 30 PM

16: 30 PM

Arriving in Las Vegas21: 00 PM

21: 00 PM

Date of departure:
2018: Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday (all year)

Price description and options

Price includes
• Ground transportation costs
• Upper Antelope Canyon Tickets
• One night hotel accommodation fee (hotel standard room, 1 room twin bed; each hotel room only has one or two beds, three or four people can not have an extra bed in the same room.)
• 2 days breakfast
• Give the next day American lunch lunch
• Industry senior driver guides take you deeper

• Any personal expenses in travel
• Director's service fee $10-15/person/day
• National Park Permit + Upper Antelope Canyon (Navajo Park Reserve Fee) + Fuel Charge: $20/person (payable, group tour guide, if paying credit card, 5% fee will be charged separately)
• Lower Antelope Canyon Tickets
• Indian guide tip, recommended $3-5 (if participating)
• Other items not listed in the “Toll Fees”

Self-financed items: (The following journey is for the guest's own part, if the guest is willing to participate, the relevant fees will be charged)
• Lower Antelope Canyon Ticket: $55 for adults; $2 for children (11-35)
(Fare includes entrance fee, 1 Tian Navahe Park Reserve and fuel surcharge)
• Helicopter Overlooking Horseshoe Bay Tour: $189
• Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour: $239
• Powell Lake Antelope Canyon Cruise: $49
• American Indian Aboriginal Dinner: $38
• Hotel upgrades to Hampton Inn: $25 per room
• Horseshoe Bay Tour Sunset View Group: $20
* Ticket prices and attraction opening hours are subject to seasonal adjustments without prior notice. For credit card payment, 5% handling fee will be charged separately.

Travel rules:
- Triple and quadruple rooms are available in double room and no extra beds are available.
-12 children under 2 years old are accompanied by an adult and no extra beds are available.
- Each room can only accommodate 4 people.
- At least one guest must be booked at 21 for each hotel room.

Pick-up time and location

05: 15am Excalibur Hotel: Rear Rotunda tour lobby
05: 15am Golden Nugget Hotel: 1st Street South Tower
05: 25am Bally's Hotel: North Door (Flamingo Rd)
05: 25am Circus Circus Hotel: Front Entrance
05: 35am Treasure Island Hotel: Bus Pick Up Area

Booking terms and other information

Q & A

  1. Q: How do I know if the reservation is completed after the order is placed? A: We will send you a confirmation letter within X hours of 12-24 hours. This confirmation letter contains a travel document file as proof of purchase. Simply bring your ID to the ticketing center to pick up the ticket. If it is difficult to collect the ticket on the spot (very rare), you can use the travel voucher to see the staff, or call the emergency contact number on the voucher.
  2. Q: What should I do if I have not received the confirmation letter after ordering? A: Sometimes the confession will appear in the spam, please check it in the spam. If you have not received it, please send a message to or contact us via FB/Line.
  3. Q: Is it ok to bring a travel voucher when you leave? A: Generally speaking, the tour guide will have a list of passengers for the day. Just check the name and you can get on the bus. In a few cases, you will need to show proof of travel. If you have a problem at the time of departure, please call the emergency contact number on your travel voucher.

For other products and reservations, please contact us at or call our US local number: 702-213-2459

Tips and notes

1. This product is a secondary confirmation product and is confirmed within X hours after 24-48 is placed. Once confirmed, cancellation will incur a fee
- Cancel your reservation by 15 days before your departure, free cancellation
- Cancellations are made before the group 8-14 days, and the cancellation fee 25%
- The guest cancels the reservation 7 days before the departure of the group, cancels the 100% of the tour fee
2. Before the group day our staff will contact guests to confirm the time and place of the car, keep in mind that in a group photo ID with this confirmation the same day, the US government recognized passport or formalities.
Please arrive at the hotel one day with the hotel staff to confirm the location of the bus, and please arrive on the day of departure, if the guests do not arrive on time and can not take the bus, the company is not responsible and does not refund any fees. If you do not see the coach within the specified time, please contact the day tour guide or the Sino-US emergency telephone (3) 702-968.
4. As a result of unforeseen weather, traffic, and natural disasters caused by force majeure or any itinerary changes, delays, partial and / or full cancellation, the Company will be charged as the case all or part of costs.
5. Itinerary in practice in case of force majeure or other factors, as appropriate, the right to adjust the tour itinerary, tour to ensure that as many tourist attractions such as the itinerary due to force majeure or other external factors lead to delays, this delays resulting company, not liable for loss.
6. Guests keep personal property, on and off Do not leave belongings in the car. In case of missing items, damage, theft and other accidents, the Company assumes any legal and financial responsibility.
7. China and the United States to retain the final interpretation of tourism.

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