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Hoover Dam Half Day Mission (Can be purchased for helicopters)

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Grand Canyon Sundance Helicopter Adventure

Expedited fee (only applicable to orders within 24 before departure date)

Expedited operation fee, there is no guarantee that there will be a bit or complete order, if the reservation fails, it will be refunded in full.



Half-Day Tour of Hoover Dam (HDK)

From the Las Vegas Strip, we will take you on a tour of the world-famous Hoover Dam quality tour. Guests will come to the Mike O'Callaghan-Pattillman Memorial Bridge and watch the Hoover Dam from a bridge over the Colorado River and 900 feet of the Black Rock Canyon. We will then stop at the visitor center at the top of the Hoover Dam, allowing guests to take photos and indulge in excursions.

The Hoover Dam, named after the US 31 President Herbert C. Hoover, is the largest hydroelectric field in the western United States today and one of the most important sources of electricity in the United States. In 1931, the US government spent a lot of money and hired a large number of workers to participate in the construction of the dam. After years of hard work, the Hoover Dam was finally completed and delivered in 1936, and in the same year it opened to visitors from all over the world. It was because of the support of the Hoover Dam that Las Vegas was able to develop into a world-famous resort. Casinos, neon lights, and the illuminating city of the night are all benefiting from this Hoover Dam. The Hoover Dam provides a lot of convenience for the western United States. In the past, 80 has been a constant stream of guests for him, and this majestic dam is still untouched.

The interior of the dam is equipped with 27 huge turbine engines that support the daily operation of the entire dam. Guests who have purchased tickets for the tour group will have the opportunity to see the full view of the power generation room and the computer room, and the exhibition showroom will also be a good place for guests to have a deeper understanding of the historical background of the dam. The majestic appearance of the Hoover Dam not only attracted countless domestic and foreign tourists, but also attracted the attention of many art creators. The Transformers series, San Andreas and other film and television works have been filmed here, the next time you look back at classic film and television works, you should pay attention!

The Hoover Dam is built between Nevada and Arizona, and the two states may have an 1 hour gap in time difference depending on the season. When you climb the top of the dam, you can not only experience the visual impact of “viewing the mountains and small mountains”, but also freely shuttle between the two states. The top of the dam marks the junction of the two states. This is a place where guests are keen to take pictures. I stepped into Nevada and I was still in Arizona. What time did you spend?

Combination Package -> Hoover Dam Bus Mission + Grand Canyon Sundance Helicopter Adventure (ADVLND)

You can enjoy a half-day tour of the Hoover Dam + a descending trough tour of the Grand Canyon Helicopter Adventure.

After the Hoover Dam tour, guests will travel to the Colorado River on the Arizona side. Finally, guests return to the Las Vegas Strip hotel following the Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour.

When you check out, you can choose to purchase a helicopter.

Date of departure: Daily group
Transferable hotel: Bailey Hotel, Circus Hotel, Shizhongjian Hotel, Golden Brick Hotel or Treasure Island Hotel

The tour fee includes: round-trip bus, driver pick-up, one bottle of drinking water, visitor center fee, visit fee, tax
The tour fee does not include: tips for drivers and tour guides (recommended $ 4- $ 5), as well as any personal consumption.
The language of the group: English
Child fare: Children under the age of 2 can participate in the group free of charge if they are not seated (sitting on the legs of the accompanying adults).

(HDK) Mission schedule (approximate time):
Duration of the event: approximately 5 hours
07: 15am-08: 00am: Pick up guests from major hotels on the boulevard
08: 45am: Arrive at the Hoover Dam. Guests will head to the dam on the Arizona side, which will not only allow you to enjoy the magnificent view of the Hoover Dam, but also the sparkling Lake Mead. The group will then head to the car park to explore the visitor center at the top of the Hoover Dam.
10: 35am: Departing from the Hoover Dam Parking Lot
10: 45am: Arrive at the Mike O'Callaghan – Pattillman Memorial Bridge, where guests can take pictures and walk over the bridge overlooking the entire dam
11: 15am: Departing from Hoover Dam to Las Vegas
12: 00pm: Back to Las Vegas

(ADVLND) Helicopter group time only:
Duration of the event: approximately 3 hours
12: 00pm: Grand Canyon Helicopter Takes Off
14: 00pm: Departure back to Las Vegas
15: 00pm: Hotel arriving in Las Vegas

Weight restriction: In order to ensure the safety of the helicopter group, guests weighing more than 300 pounds (150 kg) will not be allowed to participate in this group.
Weight information: Please provide information about the weight of each guest
Service Tips: In the United States, tipping is a form of respect and appreciation for service personnel. It is recommended to give your pilot a cash tip of $4-5 USD.

If you are placing the order within one week of departure, please confirm with us whether there's still remaining seats or not.

If you place an order within 24 hours before departure, please pay an extra fee, 10/person.

Booking terms and other information

Booking terms

1. Cancellations made by 7 days are not subject to any charges.
2. Please remember to bring your confirmation, passport or US government-approved photo ID for check-in.
3. The Company will not be liable for any unforeseen weather, traffic conditions, natural disasters and/or any matters beyond the control of the Company that result in changes, delays, partial and/or total cancellation of the tour itinerary. The Company will only return reasonable amounts (if applicable) as much as possible, but cannot guarantee.
4. Guests are required to provide a valid contact phone number for notification.
5. For safety reasons and maintenance of the Hoover Dam facility, it is not allowed to carry small backpacks or large-sized carry-on items. Please leave your luggage at the bus or hotel.

7. The tour fee does not include tips for drivers and tour guides (recommended $ 4- $ 5), as well as any personal consumption.
8. Please be sure to keep your personal belongings safe, such as the loss, theft or damage of your belongings during the tour. Sino-US tourism is not responsible.
9. This product does not accept any instant bookings from guests present, please book in advance.

Other information

1. Guests must bring this confirmation and the passport/ID of the booker.
2. Due to the hot weather, we recommend that guests drink more water.
3. advises guests to take sunscreen measures and prepare sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, etc.
4. recommends wearing underwear and shoes suitable for outdoor activities.
5. If you need it, carry a motion sickness medicine.
6. The phone will have no signal in some areas on the way.
7.If you travel in the evening to sign up other night group or make an appointment to watch the show, make proper arrangements for visitors personal travel, not to remind the schedule is too tight, the whole time of the day due to weather, traffic conditions or other circumstances beyond their control and change. The Company delays resulting loss of no responsibility.

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