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[8-Day Extraordinary Tour] Lower Antelope Canyon + Grand Teton National Park + Yellowstone National Park + President Mountain + Crazy Horse Rock + Salt Lake City Chinese Bus Tour

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Departing from Las Vegas, join an eight-day, seven-night tour to visit major attractions: Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Mount President, Crazy Horse, Salt Lake City, etc. The best-selling classic Yellowstone + President Boulder route for more than 15 consecutive years! Passing through the eight continents of the Western United States, the customs and customs, a panoramic tour of the Western United States! You can choose to finish the tour in Las Vegas or Los Angeles! A must-choose multi-day tour if you have plenty of time!

Original price $ 1,005.00 Internet discount $ 988.00

Departing from Las Vegas, join an eight-day, seven-night tour to visit major attractions: Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Mount President, Crazy Horse, Salt Lake City, etc. The best-selling classic Yellowstone + President Boulder route for more than 15 consecutive years! Passing through the eight continents of the Western United States, the customs and customs, a panoramic tour of the Western United States! You can choose to finish the tour in Las Vegas or Los Angeles! A must-choose multi-day tour if you have plenty of time!

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Departure schedule for this trip in 2024:05/08-06/16: Wednesday, Friday;06/17-08/16: Monday, Wednesday, Friday;08/17-10/09: Wednesday, Friday


Visiting the Antelope Canyon, the mottled red sandstone is transformed into beautiful colors by light refraction, which is like a dream. You can become a photography master here without any skills.
Check in the natural wonder of Horseshoe Bend, the red rocks and the emerald green Colorado River are intoxicating.
Visit Yellowstone National Park, known as the "Treasure of the World, the Eye of the Earth", the world's first national park.The original volcanic terrain has been shocked by volcanic eruptions, river erosion, glacial alluvial and earthquakes, making it present a variety of geological features; among which canyons, waterfalls, geothermal landscapes and abundant wildlife are the most famous.
A trip to Grand Teton National Park, located just below Yellowstone National Park, is the only way to enter the south gate of Yellowstone National Park. Its meticulous and implicit temperament is completely different from the majestic and domineering Yellowstone Park. Its beauty is actually nothing at all. lose
Admire Presidents Hill from a different perspective and remember the four great presidents in American history: including statues of George Washington, Thomas Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.
Visit the Indian National Heroes Museum – Crazy Horse Rock, the largest statue in the world, commemorating the Indian national heroes who fought for independence.
Visit Salt Lake City, the state capital of Utah.
If you are interested, you canClick here to view the official website of U.S. National Parks.

Main Attractions:Lower Antelope Canyon, Horseshoof bay,Yellowstone National Park,Grand Teton National Park, Mount President, Crazy Horse Rock and Salt Lake City

Highlights of the trip

1. Depart from Las Vegas,You can choose to finish the tour in Las Vegas or Los Angeles.
2. Take you to enjoy the wonders of the world in all directions, without regrets, and it is worthwhile – the journey runs through the main attractions of the West Coast of the United States: Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, President Mountain, Crazy Horse Rock and Salt Lake City, etc.
3. For more than 15 consecutive years, the classic Yellowstone Park + Presidential Boulder Route has been sold!
4. The Great Yellowstone Ecological Park and the South Giant Ring are perfectly presented, and you can easily visit the top 10 scenic spots in Yellowstone!
5. Visit the Antelope Canyon, the mottled red sandstone is transformed into beautiful colors by light refraction, like a dream, you can become a photography master here without any skills
6. A full view of Yellowstone Park, the President's Rock, and Devil's Peak is a symbol of the American spirit!
7. Suitable for: those who love the pristine nature; those who want to visit all the attractions in Yellowstone at once
8. Passing through the eight continents of the western United States, the customs and customs, the panoramic tour of the western United States!

Trip details

Day One
Las Vegas – St. George
Pick up from designated hotels in Las Vegas in the afternoon and depart for St. George, which will arrive in the evening.Overnight in St. George.
Accommodation: Red Lion Hotel & Conference Center St. George or similar

schedule:Las Vegas→  St. George


The next day
St. George – Lower Antelope Canyon – Horseshoe Bend –  Salt Lake City
Today we will go to Lower Antelope Canyon.Passing through the Glen Canyon, here is the second largest artificial lake in the United States - Lake Powell (car tour), which is surrounded by 96 canyons, like another grand canyon sitting on the lake.Lower Antelope Canyon is one of the top XNUMX famous photography locations in the world, and we will explore their reserve with our Navajo Indian guides.When the mottled red sandstone is refracted by natural beams of light and transformed into gorgeous colors, it is sure to take unforgettable photos for your journey.Then head to Horseshoe Bend, one of the top ten best photo spots in the United States selected by National Geographic.Overnight in Salt Lake City
Accommodation Hotel: Clarion Inn Salt Lake Airport;Or same level

Itinerary: St. George → Glen Canyon(Passing by, car tour Baowei Lake)→ Lower Antelope Canyon(Optional, 90 minutes)→ Horseshoe Bend(60 minutes)→ Salt Lake City


Day Three
Salt Lake City – Jackson – Grand Teton National Park – Yellowstone National Park 
Today we will go to the authentic western cowboy town – Jackson, which is also a world-famous holiday destination. Don’t miss the Antlers Park in the city center.Entering the Grand Teton National Park in the afternoon, the eternal glaciers cover the majestic Grand Teton Mountains, like a fairyland.Finally arrived at the world's first national park - Yellowstone National Park.The romantic and charming Yellowstone Lake, steaming various geothermal phenomena can not help but sigh the magic of creation.
Accommodation hotel: Yellowstone Country Inn;Or Dude & Roundup Hotel Dude & Roundup;Or Travelers Lodge;Or same level

schedule : Salt Lake CityJackson Antlers Park(60 minutes) → grand teton national park(60 minutes) → Yellowstone National Park(3 hours, visit West Thumb, Old Faithful, Grand Prism, Palette and other attractions, the tour guide will be adjusted according to the actual situation of the day, please refer to the actual arrangement) → West Yellowstone
Warm reminder: Yellowstone Park is located in the Rocky Mountains, about 7000 feet above sea level; 40°F (4 ℃), please keep warm.


Fourth day
Yellowstone National Park – Rocky Mountains – Siridon
In the morning, head to Yellowstone, the world's first national park, and we will have a whole day to marvel at the peculiarity and beauty of Yellowstone.The gifts of nature are vividly displayed here. Located on the largest super active crater, Yellowstone has more than 10000 geothermal phenomena and more than 200 waterfalls. The unique ecological environment has nurtured the best giant wildlife habitat in North America.In the afternoon, cross the roof of the North American continent - the Rocky Mountains, and the scenery along the way is very beautiful!Overnight in Celidon.
Hotel: Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Sheridan Hotel or similar

Itinerary: West Yellowstone → Yellowstone National Park(4 hours, stop at Norris Geyser, Upper Waterfall, Artist Point, Hayden Valley, Mud Volcano, Fishing Bridge and other attractions, the tour guide will be adjusted according to the actual situation of the day)→ Celidon


The fifth day
Devil's Peak - President Hill – Crazy Horse Rock – Casper
Set off today for the world's first national monument - Devil's Peak!The Indians call it "the bear's residence". The Devil's Peak rises more than 1200 feet from the ground. It is extremely spectacular and attracts countless tourists and rock climbers every year.Then head to America's most famous icon – President Hill!The ingenious carving technology has carved Washington, the founder of the United States, Jefferson, the drafter of the Declaration of Independence, Roosevelt, the Messenger of Peace, and Lincoln, the father of black people, on the majestic peaks, leaving immortal masterpieces.Afterwards, arrive at the Indian National Heroes Museum – Crazy Horse Rock, the largest statue in the world, commemorating the Indian national heroes who fought for independence.
Accommodation: Ramkota Hotel – Casper;Or same level

Itinerary: Xirideng → Devil's Peak(90 minutes)→ President Hill(90 minutes) → Crazy Horse Rock(45 minutes)→ Casper


The sixth day
Independence Rock – Salt Lake City 
Depart in the morning and head to Independence Rock, the most famous landmark of the early American pioneering and reclaiming the west, and learn about the arduous history of western migration.Arrive in Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah in the afternoon.Visit the State Government House and go to Temple Square, the Holy Land of Mormons.
Accommodation Hotel: Clarion Inn Salt Lake Airport;Or same level

schedule:Casper → Independence Rock(60 minutes)→ Salt Lake City → Utah State Capitol(30 minutes)→ Temple Square(45 minutes)


The seventh day
Salt Lake City – Las Vegas 
Today we will go to the Great Salt Lake, the largest saltwater lake in the Western Hemisphere, and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the lakeside. Then go to Las Vegas, the Pearl of the Desert, known as the gambling and entertainment capital of the world. After arriving, you can take a short nap or try your luck at the casino. In the evening, you can take a night tour at your own expense and see the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, which is full of splendor, revelry, feasting, singing and dancing.
Hotel: Excalibur Hotel & Casino; or similar

Itinerary: Salt Lake City → Great Salt Lake(30 minutes)) → Las Vegas(You can participate in night tours or various shows at your own expense)


Eighth day
Las Vegas – Free time in the morning or (participate in self-funded projects) ** – Depart Las Vegas by car in the afternoon – Colorful Stonehenge – Outlets – Los Angeles – End of the trip
In the morning, you can follow an experienced tour guide at your own expense to check in at the welcome sign of Las Vegas, and then head to the most popular online celebrity attraction on the avenue - M Bean Chocolate World and the Coca-Cola theme store connected to it, colorful chocolate beans, Coca-Cola with peculiar taste and a wide range of peripheral products, during the tour, you can deeply understand the commodity culture of the two giants.You can also watch 3D movies in the four-layer chocolate world, and get a different movie viewing experience in the sweet air.Then came to the newly opened Fly Over Las Vegas, the latest photoelectric technology + electric riding + 4D experience, to enjoy the beauty of Las Vegas and its surroundings from a different perspective.Say goodbye to the gambling city, we head to the Internet celebrity attraction - Colorful Stonehenge.Arrive at the outlet in the afternoon to enjoy shopping and arrive in Los Angeles in the evening.

schedule:Las Vegas→Free time in the morning or participate in self-funded programs : Las Vegas Internet celebrities welcome signatures to check in M&M's Bean Chocolate World, Coca-Cola Theme Store and Flying Las Vegas(Optional, 90 minutes)Drive out of Las Vegas in the afternoon Colorful Stonehenge(30 minutes)→ Outlets(120 minutes)→ Los Angeles (end of tour)

Reminder: 1) If you choose not to participate in the self-funded project, you can freely move around in the hotel. 2) If you choose to leave the group or drop off in Las Vegas, you will only be able to participate in the self-funded itinerary of the Las Internet celebrity welcome sign card M&M's bean chocolate world, Coca-Cola theme store and flying over Las Vegas, and you cannot participate in the rest of the itinerary .

Introduction to the main attractions on the itinerary

Horseshoe Bend:One of the 360 Best Photography Locations in America by National Geographic Magazine!The dense water plants on the Colorado River bed make the river appear fluorescent green in the sun. The river turns sharply XNUMX degrees in the reddish-brown canyon, cutting a horseshoe-shaped canyon, hence the name Horseshoe Bay.Standing on the edge of the cliff, indulge in the breathtaking beauty woven by the clear water, blue sky and red rocks.
Antelope Canyon: Antelope Canyon is located in northern Arizona, USA. It is formed by various erosive forces of soft sandstone over millions of years.During the monsoon season, flash floods often flow into the canyons. Due to the sudden increase in rainfall, the flow velocity of flash floods is quite fast. In addition, the narrow channel reduces the river channel, so the vertical erosive force is relatively large, forming the corridor at the bottom of the Antelope Cave. , and the hard, smooth, flowing water-like edges of the valley walls.Although the Antelope Canyon is a slit valley, when people go deep into the valley, they will find it is like a wonderful art palace. The valley wall looks soft, but it is actually very hard. The rock surface seems to be carefully polished, and the lamina flows along the rock wall.When the sun shines into the tranquil canyon, the dance of light and shadow releases its charm here.
Elk Antler Arches Park: The park is not big, with giant arches made of deer antlers in the four directions of east, west, north and south.All antlers are hard goods, and it is a pity not to use antler supplements.These antlers are not harvested, but a large number of elk come from the mountains to Jackson's "National Elk Sanctuary" to spend the winter every winter. The antlers naturally fall off and renew in spring.
Grand Teton National Park: Grand Teton National Park was established on February 1929, 2.There are 26 kilometers of trails in Grand Teton National Park.There are many lakes in the park, including Jackson Lake and Jenny Lake.Much of Grand Teton National Park is located within the Rocky Mountains, and the natural landscape is magnificent.In addition, Grand Teton National Park is also rich in biological features, including American bison, grizzly bears, black bears, moose and more.
Yellowstone National Park: Located in the Rocky Mountains, known as the "Spine of the Americas", it is located on a lava plateau between the North Rocky Mountains and the Middle Rocky Mountains in the western United States.The geothermal spectacle is his symbol, a primitive landscape of the earth tempered by water and fire. The natural landscape in the park is divided into five areas, namely the Mammoth area, the Roosevelt area, the canyon area, the geyser area and the lake area. feature.Beyond the limits of human art, it is the most wonderful and spectacular beauty on the face of the earth.
West Thumb Geyser Basin: The West Thumb Geyser Basin, located on the edge of Yellowstone Lake, was formed by the collapse of the earth's crust XNUMX years ago. Under the combination of the hot fountain and the lake water, a wonderful smoky landscape appeared: the smoky place is the steam of the hot spring, green waves Yingying is the lake of Yellowstone, which reflects the blue sky and white clouds in the background, forming a landscape different from other hot spring areas in Yellowstone.This is equivalent to the bay of Yellowstone Lake. Many geysers gather here. The colors of the spouts are various, some are transparent green, and some are dark black like cement.The many spouts present a beautiful fantasy.
Old Faithful Geyser: Old Faithful Geyser is so named for its consistent and regular eruptions.At present, it erupts every 60 to 110 minutes, and each eruption lasts four to five minutes. The water column is more than 40 meters high.The Old Faithful Visitor Center will set out the eruption schedule in advance, so you can look at the eruption time first, and then go to visit with confidence.
The Grand Prismatic Hot Spring in Yellowstone: Also known as the Colorful Pool, it is the first hot spring in the United States and the third largest in the world. It is 75-91 meters wide and 49 meters deep. About 2000 liters of 71-degree hot water is poured out every minute.The amazing thing about Dajihan Hot Spring is that the color of the lake surface changes with the seasons.The lake changes from emerald green to golden orange-red in spring, due to microorganisms such as algae and pigment-bearing bacteria living in the mineral-rich waters.In midsummer, the chlorophyll content is relatively low, so the lake takes on a brilliant orange, red or yellow color.However, in the cold winter, due to the lack of light, these microorganisms will produce more chlorophyll to inhibit the color of carotenoids, so the water body will appear dark green.
Yellowstone Palette Fountain Paint Pot: The palette is a mud fountain, mud and rocks containing minerals that are melted by acidic hot springs to form mud.Because of the high viscosity of mud water, the slow formation and disillusionment of air bubbles can also be clearly seen.The soil around the fountain looked like dried oil paint, causing the fountain itself to look like it was boiling a pot of oil-washed water, like a painter's drawing board, filled with colorful seasonings.
Yellowstone Norris Geyser Basin: The Norris Geyser Basin is the hottest and most unstable series of geysers in Yellowstone.It has been dormant for a long time, and it has only erupted once (the last eruption was in 2008), and it once created a record of 380 feet in height.The geysers in this area are also quite rich in color, ranging from clear blue-green to soft milk-like blue-white.
Upper Yellowstone Falls: The Upper Falls are located 400 meters upstream of the larger Yellowstone Falls.The waterfall descends vertically down a volcanic cliff with a 33-meter drop.The originally bumpy volcanic rock below the waterfall has been eroded by the waterfall for hundreds of years and is very smooth.
Artist Point Artist Point: The views here are particularly spectacular.The canyon is more than XNUMX feet deep.The walls of the canyon are dominated by yellow, mixed with black, red and pink, and clumps of green pines.These colors are not mixed, and they look like the tail of a peacock with an open screen, and it is also like the pointillism of the romantic painters who have applied several layers of colors in the same place.
Mud Volcano Area: It is located not far north of Yellowstone Lake in the east of Yellowstone Park.Most of the fountains here are not water, but mud, and the ground shakes every time it erupts.Beside the mud volcanoes, there are grasses of bright colors that look extremely tender and gorgeous.
Devil's Tower Devil's Tower: Devil's Tower is considered a sacred place for local Native Americans.Looking at it from a distance makes people feel in awe, and looking at it up close makes people marvel at the beauty of nature!The huge volcanic rock pillars have puzzled geologists from ancient times to the present, and the specific cause of formation has not yet been determined.We will walk along the Ring Tower Trail, and admire the huge stone pillars standing in the canyon up close. On the way, you will have the opportunity to see rock climbers from all over the world, challenging the Devil's Tower here.
Mount Rushmore National Memorial at Mount Rushmore: President Hill is located in the famous Black Hill area of ​​South Dakota, which is famous for its towering stone mountains and mining history.Completed in 1925, President Hill has statues of four major U.S. presidents, including George Washington, Thomas Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.We will enjoy the President Hill from different angles along the tree-shaded mountain trail, in memory of the four great presidents in American history.
Crazy Horse Monument: Crazy Horse Mountain is named in honor of the Indian national hero, Crazy Horse, a young chief of the Sioux.This westward mountain is carved into the world's largest statue in the shape of the legendary CRAZY HORSE.Going around the black mountain with green mountains and beautiful waters, on Crazy Horse Mountain, Crazy Horse's handsome head stared westward with a resolute expression.The legend of this monument lies in the precious spirit of the sculptor who built this project and the dedication of his family to the cause, and the determination of the Indians to persevere in maintaining and promoting their own culture.
Utah State Capitol: Located in Salt Lake City, the Utah State Capitol is comparable in size and shape to Capitol Hill in Washington.The top of the building is a Byzantine dome, which is dazzling and brilliant under the sunlight.The interior of the building is more magnificent and exquisitely crafted.The walls are of smooth marble, the ceilings are painted with exquisite frescoes, and countless statues of people with fine carvings stand in them, which are lifelike.In addition, because Utah is also known as the "Hive State", a sculpture of a hive is placed prominently in front of the building, which is one of the must-see attractions for tourists who come here to take photos.
Temple Square: Salt Lake City, Utah is the global stronghold of Mormonism. It is a group of buildings belonging to the headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormonism) in the center of Salt Lake City, Utah, including the Salt Lake City Temple, the Salt Lake City Cathedral, and the Salt Lake City Meeting. Church, Seagull Monument and two visitor centers on 10 acres.
Great Salt Lake: The Great Salt Lake is the second largest salt lake in the world and the largest inland salt lake in North America. It is located in western Utah, USA, with the Rocky Mountains to the east and the desert to the west. It consists of 10 islands.It is also a wildlife sanctuary, attracting millions of migratory birds every year.The salt content of the lake here is as high as 25%, second only to the Dead Sea, and only some algae that can tolerate high salinity can survive in the lake.
M&M's Bean Chocolate World M&M'S Las Vegas: This is the first store in the world of M Beans. It opened on the Las Vegas Strip in 1997. It covers an area of ​​28000 square feet and has four floors. There are all kinds of colorful M Beans, as well as a wide range of peripheral products. Enjoy the sweet and silky smoothness of chocolate while feasting your eyes!
Coca-Cola Store Las Vegas: There are only two Coca-Cola theme stores in the world, to satisfy all your fantasies about Coca-Cola!The door of the theme store is a four-story-high classic Coca-Cola bottle shape. The store is full of various goods, from toys, stationery, aprons to clothing, lamps, and accessories. Everything is printed with the "Coca-Cola" trademark.This is also a paradise for collectors. The store sells Coca-Cola made in different countries and ages. The characters of various countries printed on the bottle are definitely the best souvenirs.You can also take a photo with the Coca-Cola polar bear on the first floor.
FlyOver Las Vegas: Flying Over Las Vegas is the ultimate flying tour on the Las Vegas Strip!Standing in front of a 52.5-foot-wide spherical screen, powered by state-of-the-art technology, you can glide across vast grasslands and towering peaks, dive into valleys of rushing rivers, and traverse land, sea and Sky, explore the wild Big West and take an immersive tour of featured attractions.
Colorful StonehengeSeven Magic Mountains: In the endless desert on the outskirts of Las Vegas, Nevada, there are 7 pillars stacked with colored stones, collectively called the Seven Magic Mountains.These seven 9-meter-high rainbow-like Stonehenges stand in the desert, injecting some lively colors into the desert's single scenery.This is a place that net celebrities must not miss when they punch in and take photos.

* Disclaimer:Transfer and itinerary schedules are for reference only. The itinerary time may be adjusted or changed due to road conditions, weather changes or other factors, and the specific itinerary shall prevail.

Departure schedule

2024: 05/08 – 06/16, departing every Wednesday and Friday
2024: 06/17 – 08/16, departing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
2024: 08/17 – 10/09, departing every Wednesday and Friday

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Price description and options

group fee

4 Stay in the same hotel room: $988 per person
3 Stay in the same hotel room: $1,058 per person
2 Stay in the same hotel room: $1,138 per person
1 Stay in the same hotel room: $1,448 per person

Tour fee includes

• Professional touring vehicle
• Professional Chinese guide service
• Hotel accommodation included in the itinerary
• Fuel Surcharge

Tour fee not included

Must pay fees for the must-see attractions on the itinerary: $180 per person, including: Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Horseshoe Bend, Great Salt Lake, President's Rock, Crazy Horse Rock, Devil's Peak, Fuel Fee, Passengers must pay directly in cash to the tour guide
All self-paid items on the itinerary:Self-paid items are optional activities that you can choose to participate in. The tour guide will communicate with passengers on the road whether they need to participate. If you need to participate, please pay the tour guide directly in cash; please refer to the following "Optional"list of related costs
• Three meals a day
• Transportation to and from the origin and destination (Las Vegas or Los Angeles)
Service fee: $12 per person per day, calculated according to the number of days in the reservation, same price for adults and children
• Personal expenses (such as meals, telephone bills, pay TV and all personal expenses that are not included)
• Other fees not listed in Fee Inclusions


Self-funded project namePrice DescriptionDescription
Lower Antelope CanyonAdult (3 years and above): $98.00;

Children (under 3 years old): $20.00;
Including local transfer and guide service fee
Las Vegas Night TourPer person: $45.00;Same price for seat
Las Vegas night tour with helicopterPer person: $149.00;Children over 3 years old
Cirque du Soleil O ShowPer person: $238.00;Children over 5 years old
David's Magic Show (Zone C) David CopperfieldPer person: $150.00;Children over 5 years old
Las Vegas Welcome Signboard & M&M Chocolate World & Coca-Cola Theme Store & FlyOver Las Vegas Las Vegas Welcome Signboard & M&M'S Las Vegas & Coca-Cola Store Las Vegas & FlyOver Las VegasAdult: $45.00;

Children (under 12 years old): $34.00;
Height restrictions for children: Must be taller than 40 inches (1.016 meters) and must be accompanied by an adult or guardian (14 years or older)

Pick-up time and location

Pick-up location and time on departure day

Las Vegas: Departure at 15:30pm, pick-up point: Excalibur Hotel & Casino – Bus Pick up Area; Address: 3850 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109;

Departure location

Las Vegas
1. Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport (LAS); 5757 Wayne Newton Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119; there is a free drop-off service departing from the LAS hotel at 11:00 on the day of drop-off, please make arrangements Your flight ends on the last day of your journeyIt is recommended to book flights departing after 13:30pm
2. After the self-paid trip in the morning, you can transfer to MGM Grand; 3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Los Angeles
1. Pico House Los Angeles; 424 N Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90012;
2. Lincoln Plaza Hotel parking lot; 123 S Lincoln Ave, Monterey Park, CA 91755;
3. Hartford Hotel, BW Signature Collection Rosemead; 8832 Glendon Way, Rosemead, CA 91770;
4. 99 Ranch Market Rowland Heights (Rowland Heights 99 Dahua Supermarket, facing Gale Ave.); 1015 Nogales St, Rowland Heights, CA 91748;
5. 99 Ranch Rancho Cucamonga; 9775 Base Line Rd, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730;
6. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX); please schedule your flight on the last day of your tripDepart after 9:30pm (US domestic flights) or 10:30pm (international flights)

*****The specific return time is uncertain due to various factors such as itinerary, weather, traffic, etc. You can consult the tour guide on the return day. ******

Booking terms and other information

Reservation Instructions

1.Please use your English passport (or ID) name when placing the order
2. This product is a second-confirmation product, and the order does not mean that the reservation is completed.We will process the order within 24 hours. If the booking is successfully completed, we will send you a confirmation letter and confirmed travel vouchers by email.If the departure date you selected when placing an order is sold out, we will ask you if you can change the departure date or cancel the reservation, so please check your email from time to time after placing the order.If the booking cannot be completed in the end, we will notify you and issue a full refund.If you have any questions before booking, you can leave a message through the contact window in the lower right corner of this website or email contact us.
3. All guests must register with their real names.The price of the group fee does not include: air tickets, meals (except for hotel breakfast included in the itinerary), service fees and self-funded projects in the itinerary; all groups are charged by seat.
4. There must be at least one adult over the age of 18 in each group of tourists. Pets and animals are not allowed on the bus for all tours.
5. The itinerary order will be adjusted due to different departure dates. The final itinerary is subject to the itinerary confirmation of the tour group; in case of weather, poor road conditions, vehicle failure or other force majeure factors, the tour group reserves the right to adjust the itinerary and hotel .
6. Please make sure to bring your travel documents, please present the itinerary confirmation when you join the tour and check in at the hotel.
7. Please do not turn off your mobile phone on the day before and on the day of departure. The tour guide will generally confirm the pick-up time and location with you the day before departure.If there is any situation before departure, we will also communicate with you directly through the phone number you provided.If your contact phone number is different from that when you registered and made a reservation, please send an email to Update.
8. The check-in time of the hotel is after 15:00, and the rooms are all "non-smoking" rooms. Smoking in the room will be fined more than $250.
9. North American hotels have different room types, such as a King/Queen size room or two Double size twin rooms.The maximum number of people who can legally stay in each room is 2 to 4 people, including adults and children.In addition, each hotel has a different method of charging the deposit, which requires the cooperation of the group guests according to different regulations.If you need an extra bed, please inquire at the front desk of the hotel by yourself, and the extra bed fee will be borne by yourself.
10. Service charge standard (must be paid): USD 12 per person per day
11. During the New Year, National Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other long weekends and exhibitions, the tour fee may be appropriately increased.
12. Guests participating in the tour need to buy tickets with the tour guide on the tour. They cannot bring their own tickets or use tickets provided by third parties; the price of tickets will be adjusted according to the season, and the price of the attractions on the day shall prevail.
13. If you take a 7-seat business/high-roof/flat-roof vehicle during your actual trip (the type of vehicle used is determined by the number of participants on the day), children under the age of 8 must take a safety seat to participate in the group, and rental services are available. The rent is $10.00/person/day, please be sure to make a note in advance when booking the itinerary so that we can prepare child seats in advance. If the violation and fines caused by the guest's failure to notify in advance will be borne by the guest, please understand.
14. If an accident occurs during the itinerary, resulting in casualties or other losses, the solution shall be based on the regulations stipulated by airlines, hotels, buses and other operating agencies, and has nothing to do with the company.
15. If the attractions are temporarily closed or closed on holidays, etc., making it impossible to visit, the tour guide will adjust the appearance according to the actual situation or replace it with other attractions to ensure the richness of the itinerary. Please understand.

Cancellation instructions

1. If the tour cannot be visited due to irresistible factors such as weather, war, strike, etc., the company will have the right to change the itinerary, and refund the ticket fees of the scenic spots (except for the self-paid items presented as a gift), and the registration fee will not be refunded;
2. The terms of cancellation are as follows (The terms of return and change are subject to this webpage, and the terms of return and change of relevant documents of suppliers are not applicable) :
a. If the group requests to cancel or reschedule after booking to 31 days before departure (inclusive), 10% of the total group fee shall be deducted. If there are other additional hotels, air tickets or services, please refer to the regulations of the hotel or airline. Is it possible to get a refund.
b. From 15 days (inclusive) to 30 days (inclusive) before departure, if you request to cancel or reschedule, 30% of the total tour fee will be deducted. If you have other additional hotels or services, please refer to the hotel regulations to determine whether a refund can be made.
c. From 8 days (inclusive) to 14 days (inclusive) before departure, if you request to cancel or reschedule, 50% of the total tour fee will be deducted. If you have other additional hotels or services, please refer to the hotel regulations to determine whether a refund can be made.
d. If the group requests to cancel 7 days before departure (inclusive) to the day of departure or fails to participate on time on the day of departure, it will be regarded as an automatic waiver, and the paid group fee will not be refunded.If there are other additional hotels or services, please refer to the hotel regulations to determine whether a refund can be made.
e. If your company or guest withdraws during the trip or fails to participate in any itinerary due to personal reasons (no travel documents, late arrival, illness, accident, etc.), the paid tour fee will not be refunded, nor will it be compensated for other services .

Other information

1. It is recommended to bring plenty of drinking water
2. Due to strong sunlight, it is recommended to apply sunscreen, lipstick, sunglasses, hat and scarf, etc.
3. It is recommended to wear comfortable outdoor clothes and shoes
4. If necessary, you can bring motion sickness medicine
5. The phone will have no signal in some areas on the way
6. If you sign up for other night tour groups or make reservations to watch performances on the night of your return trip, please arrange your personal itinerary properly, and remind you not to arrange the time too tightly. Due to the factors of resistance, we do not recommend any reservations for the evening of the return trip.The company is not responsible for any delays or losses arising therefrom.
7. In the case of convenient operation of the group, it is possible to change the tourists from the original car to another car and assign different tour guides and drivers to provide services on the way.

Q & A

  1. ask: How do I know if the reservation is complete after placing an order?  answer: We will send you a confirmation letter to inform you within 12-24 hours. This confirmation letter contains a file of travel voucher as proof of purchase.You only need to bring your ID to the ticketing center to pick up the tickets.If it is difficult to get tickets on the spot (rarely), you can use the travel voucher to show to the staff, or call the emergency contact number on the voucher for inquiries.
  2. ask: What should I do if I have not received the confirmation letter after placing the order? answer: Sometimes the acknowledgment will appear in the spam, please check it in the spam.If you continue to not receive, please send a letter to .In an emergency, please send a text message to or call our local US phone: 702-381-2301 to contact us.
  3. ask: Can I just bring my travel voucher when I leave? answer: Generally speaking, the tour guide will have the passenger list of the day, as long as you check the name, you can get on the bus.In a few cases, you will need to show the travel voucher at the pick-up point to prove it; but because the group has arranged to stay in the hotel, please bring your passport or ID card.If you anticipate a problem at the time of departure, please call the emergency contact number on your travel voucher.


If you have any questions about other products or reservations, please leave a message through the contact window at the bottom right corner of this website or email Contact us, we will usually get back to you within 12 hours.In an emergency, please send a text message or call our local US phone: 702-381-2301.

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