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[4-Day Tour-Selected Hot Deals] San Francisco → Las Vegas + Zion National Park + Bryce Canyon National Park + Lower Antelope Canyon + Horseshoe Bend Chinese Tour (Complete tour in Las Vegas or Los Angeles)

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Departing from San Francisco, join a four-day tour group that will take you to appreciate the wonders of the national parks in an all-round way. You will leave no regrets and your trip will be worthwhile – the journey runs through the scenic spots of the Southwest Giant Ring: Antelope Canyon, Zion National Park, and Bryce Canyon. National Park, Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powell and Las Vegas, etc.You can choose to finish the tour in Las Vegas or Los Angeles!

Original price $ 580.00 Internet discount $ 543.00

Departing from San Francisco, join a four-day tour group that will take you to appreciate the wonders of the national parks in an all-round way. You will leave no regrets and your trip will be worthwhile – the journey runs through the scenic spots of the Southwest Giant Ring: Antelope Canyon, Zion National Park, and Bryce Canyon. National Park, Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powell and Las Vegas, etc.You can choose to finish the tour in Las Vegas or Los Angeles!

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The tourism industry in Las Vegas is world-renowned, and there are many famous national parks and scenic spots around it.Due to the special climate unique to the desert area, most of these national parks are natural products after thousands of years of wind and sand.The two-day tour of Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park and Antelope Canyon will take you into the ancient and mysterious desert and explore the magnificent gifts of nature.

Main attractions: Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Lower Antelope Canyon,hoof bay,Lake Powell,Las Vegas

Highlights of the trip

1. Depart from San Francisco,You can choose to finish the tour in Las Vegas or Los Angeles
2. Take you to appreciate the wonders of the national park in an all-round way, without leaving any regrets, this trip is worthwhile – the journey runs through the scenic spots of the Southwest Giant Ring: Antelope Canyon, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Horseshoe Bend, Baowei lake and las vegas
3. Awe-inspiring cliffs and verdant valleys create a natural beauty that is far from the world, and Zion National Park must not be missed.
4. Visit Bryce Canyon National Park and enjoy the stunning scenery of the Red Rock Wonderland and the orange and red irregular stone pillars, which is spectacular.
5. In-depth tour of Antelope Canyon – watch the peculiar slit cave, and take pictures at one of the top ten photography locations in the world; mottled red sandstone is refracted by light and transformed into beautiful colors, like a dream, here you don’t need any skills. You can become a master photographer.
6. Enjoy the romantic Lake Powell.
7. Feel the majestic Horseshoe Bend, check in the natural wonders, the red rocks and the emerald-green Colorado River, and you can easily take large pictures without modification
8. Two nights stay at a casino hotel

Trip details

Day One
San Francisco – Las Vegas
Today we will start from San Francisco, travel through California and Nevada, and arrive at the world's casino city, Las Vegas.
Hotel: Excalibur Hotel & Casino or similar

schedule:San Francisco→ Las Vegas→ Las Vegas Night Tour(at own expense)


The next day
Las Vegas – Zion National Park – Bryce Canyon National Park – Page Township
Today we will depart from Las Vegas to two major national parks in Utah: Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park, to experience the natural beauty of the American national parks and have a relaxing trip.Overnight in Peggy.
Hotel: Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Page Lake Powell or similar

schedule:Las Vegas → Zion National Park(Mandatory items, 45 minutes)→ Qipan Mountain Wall Group(25 minutes)→ Bryce Canyon National Park(Mandatory items, 60 minutes)→ Peggy


Day Three
Page Town – Horseshoe Bend – Antelope Canyon – Las Vegas
In the morning, head to Horseshoe Bay, a well-known photography spot selected by American Geographic Magazine. The river turns sharply 360 degrees in the reddish-brown canyon, cutting out a horseshoe-shaped canyon, from which Horseshoe Bay is named.Then head to the origin of the Grand Canyon – Lake Powell.Take a cruise at your own expense to watch Baowei Lake along the narrow and long valley. The wind is gentle, the blue waves are like mirrors, and the red rocks are like flames.Afterwards, we visit the most peculiar slit cave, one of the top ten photography spots in the world, Antelope Canyon.End the trip and return to Las Vegas.
Accommodation: Excalibur Hotel & Casino;Or same level

schedule:Page → Horseshoe Bend(Mandatory item, 1 hours)→ Lake Powell(Mandatory item, 60 minutes, you can experience kayaking at your own expense)→ Antelope Canyon(Optional, 2 hours)→ Las Vegas


Fourth day
Las Vegas – Free time in the morning or (participate in self-funded projects) ** – Depart Las Vegas by car in the afternoon – Colorful Stonehenge – Outlets – Los Angeles – End of the trip
In the morning, you can follow the experienced tour guide at your own expense to check in at the Las Internet celebrity welcome sign, and then go to the most popular Internet celebrity attraction on the avenue-M Bean Chocolate World and the Coca-Cola theme store connected to it, colorful chocolate beans, Coca-Cola with unique taste and a wide range of peripheral products. During the tour, you can gain an in-depth understanding of the commodity culture of the two giants.You can also watch 3D movies in the chocolate world on the fourth floor, and get a different movie-watching experience in the sweet air.Then came to the newly opened Fly Over Las Vegas, the latest photoelectric technology + electric riding + 4D experience, from a different perspective to enjoy the beauty of Las Vegas and its surroundings.Farewell to the casino, we headed to the Internet celebrity attraction - Colorful Stonehenge.Arrive at Barstow Outlets in the afternoon to enjoy shopping, and arrive in Los Angeles in the evening.

schedule:Las Vegas→Free time in the morning or participate in self-funded programs : Las Vegas Internet Celebrity Welcome Signboard & M Bean Chocolate World & Coca-Cola Theme Store & Leap to Las Vegas(Optional, 90 minutes)Drive out of Las Vegas in the afternoon Colorful Stonehenge(30 minutes)BarstowOutlets(120 minutes)→ Los Angeles (end of tour)

Warm reminder: 1) If you choose not to participate in self-funded projects, you can move around freely in the hotel. 2) If you choose to leave the group in Las Vegas, you will only be able to participate in the self-funded itinerary of Las Vegas Internet Celebrity Welcome Signature Check-in & M's Chocolate World & Coca-Cola Theme Store & Flying Over Las Vegas, and you will not be able to participate in the remaining itineraries.

Introduction to the main attractions on the itinerary

Zion National Park Zion National Park:Zion National Park is a hiker's and photographer's dream destination, and while it's in the desert, the terrain is never barren.Formed by erosion over millions of years, the park's varied rock formations, countless wilderness trails and one-of-a-kind wildlife beckon to those seeking solitude and inspiration.The park's many canyons, fauna, and cultural sites are perfect for exploring in any season, but spring and fall are the most pleasant, and the flowers are in full bloom.
Bryce Canyon National Park:Bryce Canyon National Park is located in the southwest of Utah, USA. Although its name has the word canyon, it is not a real canyon, but a huge natural amphitheater formed by erosion along the east of the Ponsa Gaunt Plateau.Its unique geographic formations, called rock pillars, are made up of wind, water and ice erosion in rivers, and sedimentary rocks from lake beds.The red, orange and white rocks in it form a peculiar natural landscape, so it is known as the palace of natural stone figurines.
Horseshoe Bend:One of the 360 Best Photography Locations in America by National Geographic Magazine!The dense water plants on the Colorado River bed make the river appear fluorescent green in the sun. The river turns sharply XNUMX degrees in the reddish-brown canyon, cutting a horseshoe-shaped canyon, hence the name Horseshoe Bay.Standing on the edge of the cliff, indulge in the breathtaking beauty woven by the clear water, blue sky and red rocks.
Lower Antelope Canyon: The Lower Antelope Canyon is located in the northern part of Arizona, USA. It is formed by various erosion forces of soft sandstone over millions of years.During the monsoon season, flash floods often flow into the canyon. Due to the sudden increase in rainfall, the flow rate of the flash flood is quite fast. In addition, the narrow channel narrows the river channel, so the vertical erosion force is also relatively large, forming the bottom of the Lower Antelope Canyon. The corridors, and the hard, smooth, water-like edges on the valley walls.There is no artificial lighting in the Lower Antelope Canyon. All the visible light comes from the cracks on the top of the canyon. The light is repeatedly refracted by the rock texture and enters the bottom of the canyon, resulting in fantastic and irregular color changes, from deep to light. , Colorful and beautiful.
Lake Powell: It belongs to the joint development area of ​​Indians and national parks. In addition to its huge water volume, Lake Powell also has one of the world's rare wonders, a water canyon.It is like a jasper embedded in the red-orange Colorado Plateau and a fjord on the Grand Canyon.You can take a cruise to watch Lake Powell (at your own expense), sit on a cruise ship amid the rippling light of the lake, and watch Lake Powell along the long and narrow valley. Floating life for half a day.
M&M'S Las Vegas: M&M'S Las Vegas: This is the first store in the world of M Beans. It opened on the Las Vegas Strip in 1997. It covers an area of ​​28000 square feet and has four floors. There are all kinds of colorful M Beans, as well as a wide range of peripheral products. Enjoy the sweet and silky smoothness of chocolate while feasting your eyes!
Coca-Cola Store Las Vegas: There are only two Coca-Cola theme stores in the world, to satisfy all your fantasies about Coca-Cola!The door of the theme store is a four-story-high classic Coca-Cola bottle shape. The store is full of various goods, from toys, stationery, aprons to clothing, lamps, and accessories. Everything is printed with the "Coca-Cola" trademark.This is also a paradise for collectors. The store sells Coca-Cola made in different countries and ages. The characters of various countries printed on the bottle are definitely the best souvenirs.You can also take a photo with the Coca-Cola polar bear on the first floor.
FlyOver Las Vegas: Flying Over Las Vegas is the ultimate flying tour on the Las Vegas Strip!Standing in front of a 52.5-foot-wide spherical screen, powered by state-of-the-art technology, you can glide across vast grasslands and towering peaks, dive into valleys of rushing rivers, and traverse land, sea and Sky, explore the wild Big West and take an immersive tour of featured attractions.
Colorful StonehengeSeven Magic Mountains: In the endless desert on the outskirts of Las Vegas, Nevada, there are 7 pillars stacked with colored stones, collectively called the Seven Magic Mountains.These seven 9-meter-high rainbow-like Stonehenges stand in the desert, injecting some lively colors into the desert's single scenery.This is a place that net celebrities must not miss when they punch in and take photos.
Outlets at Barstow: Barstow Outlets is located in the desert, on the only way from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.There are not many first-tier luxury brands in this outlet, but the second-tier brands, especially American local brands, are relatively complete and concentrated, and the service is also quite good. Shopping is a new experience.

* Disclaimer:Transfer and itinerary schedules are for reference only. The itinerary time may be adjusted or changed due to road conditions, weather changes or other factors, and the specific itinerary shall prevail.

Departure schedule

2024: 01/01 – 12/31, every Tuesday and Sunday
***No tour on this date: 02/11/2024***

Other itineraries to consider

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Price description and options

group fee
4 Stay in the same hotel room: $543 per person
3 Stay in the same hotel room: $568 per person
2 Stay in the same hotel room: $618 per person
1 Stay in the same hotel room: $768 per person


Tour fee includes
• Professional tourist vehicles (the type of vehicle used is determined by the number of people participating in the tour on that day)
• Professional Chinese guide service
• Hotel accommodation included in the itinerary
• Fuel Surcharge


Tour fee not included
Fees must be paid for the must-see attractions on the itinerary:$70 per person, including Zion, Bryce, Horseshoe Bend tickets, fuel costs, passengers must pay directly to the tour guide in cash
All self-paid items on the itinerary:Self-paid items are optional activities that you can choose to participate in. The tour guide will communicate with passengers on the road whether they need to participate. If you need to participate, please pay the tour guide directly in cash; please refer to the following "Optional"list of related costs
• Three meals a day
• Transportation costs to and from the point of departure
Service fee: $12 per person per day, calculated according to the number of days in the reservation, same price for adults and children
• Personal expenses (such as meals, telephone bills, pay TV and all personal expenses that are not included)
• Other fees not listed in Fee Inclusions



Self-funded project namePrice DescriptionDescription
Las Vegas Night TourPer person: $45.00;Same price for seat
Lower Antelope CanyonAdult: $98.00; (same price for ages 3 and above)

Children (under 3 years old): $20.00;
Including local transfer and guide service fee
Lake Powell KayakingPer person: $109.00;Fees include:

1. Kayaks, rowing paddles, life jackets, safety courses;
2. One pair of waterproof shoe covers, one waterproof mobile phone case, and two bottles of bottled water per person;
3. Professional WFA, CPR-first aid certified tour guide.

1. Two people go together;
2. It is recommended that professional water sports guides tip $10/person;
3. Depending on factors such as water flow, guest physical strength and other factors on the day, the entire journey time is 1-1.5 hours;
4. Children aged 4-13 can participate when accompanied by their parents. Children under 4 years old are not allowed to participate.
Las Vegas Welcome Signboard & M&M Chocolate World & Coca-Cola Theme Store & FlyOver Las Vegas Las Vegas Welcome Signboard & M&M'S Las Vegas & Coca-Cola Store Las Vegas & FlyOver Las VegasAdult: $45.00;

Children (under 12 years old): $34.00;
Height restrictions for children: Must be taller than 40 inches (1.016 meters) and must be accompanied by an adult or guardian (14 years or older)

Pick-up time and location

Pick-up location and time on departure day

  • San Francisco :
    1. Departure at 06:30 from Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott San Francisco Airport; 250 El Camino Real, Millbrae, CA 94030;
    2. Departs at 07:15 from 99 Ranch Market San Jose (in front of Dahua Supermarket); 1688 Hostetter Rd, San Jose, CA 95131;
    3. Depart San Francisco at 07:30: in front of Macy’s Department Store opposite Union Square; 291 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94102;
    4. Depart Fremont at 07:30: in front of 168 Supermarket; 46196 Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont, CA 94539;
    5. Depart Courtyard Oakland at 08:00 (downstairs of Oakland Courtyard Hotel, Broadway Street); 988 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607;

Departure location

  • Los Angeles :
    1. 99 Ranch Rancho Cucamonga; 9775 Base Line Rd, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730;
    2. 99 Ranch Market Rowland Heights (99 Dahua Supermarket in Rowland Heights, facing Gale Ave.); 1015 Nogales St, Rowland Heights, CA 91748;
    3. Hartford Hotel, BW Signature Collection Rosemead; 8832 Glendon Way, Rosemead, CA 91770;
    4. Lincoln Plaza Hotel parking lot; 123 S Lincoln Ave, Monterey Park, CA 91755;
    5. Pico House Los Angeles; 424 N Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90012;
  • Las Vegas:
    1. Las Vegas

*****The specific return time is uncertain due to various factors such as itinerary, weather, traffic, etc. You can consult the tour guide on the return day. ******

Booking terms and other information

Reservation Instructions
1.Please use your English passport (or ID) name when placing the order
2. This product is a second-confirmation product, and the order does not mean that the reservation is completed.We will process the order within 24 hours. If the booking is successfully completed, we will send you a confirmation letter and confirmed travel vouchers by email.If the departure date you selected when placing an order is sold out, we will ask you if you can change the departure date or cancel the reservation, so please check your email from time to time after placing the order.If the booking cannot be completed in the end, we will notify you and issue a full refund.If you have any questions before booking, you can leave a message through the contact window in the lower right corner of this website or email contact us.
3. All guests must register with their real names.The price of the group fee does not include: air tickets, meals (except hotel breakfast included), service fees and self-funded projects in the itinerary; all groups are charged by seat.
4. There must be at least one adult over the age of 18 in each group of tourists. Pets and animals are not allowed on the bus for all tours.
5. The itinerary order will be adjusted due to different departure dates. The final itinerary is subject to the itinerary confirmation of the tour group; in case of weather, poor road conditions, vehicle failure or other force majeure factors, the tour group reserves the right to adjust the itinerary and hotel .
6. Please make sure to bring your travel documents, please present the itinerary confirmation when you join the tour and check in at the hotel.
7. Please do not turn off your mobile phone on the day before and on the day of departure. The tour guide will generally confirm the pick-up time and location with you the day before departure.If there is any situation before departure, we will also communicate with you directly through the phone number you provided.If your contact phone number is different from that when you registered and made a reservation, please send an email to Update.
8. The check-in time of the hotel is after 15:00, and the rooms are all "non-smoking" rooms. Smoking in the room will be fined more than $250.
9. A maximum of two beds (full size) can be arranged in each room, and a maximum of 4 people are allowed. If you need an extra bed, please inquire at the hotel front desk by yourself.
10. Service charge standard (must be paid): USD 12 per person per day
11. During the New Year, National Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other long weekends and exhibitions, the tour fee may be appropriately increased.
12. Guests participating in the tour need to buy tickets with the tour guide on the tour. They cannot bring their own tickets or use tickets provided by third parties; the price of tickets will be adjusted according to the season, and the price of the attractions on the day shall prevail.
13. If you take a 7-seat business/high-roof/flat-roof vehicle during your actual trip (the type of vehicle used is determined by the number of participants on the day), children under the age of 8 must take a safety seat to participate in the group, and rental services are available. The rent is $10.00/person/day, please be sure to make a note in advance when booking the itinerary so that we can prepare child seats in advance. If the violation and fines caused by the guest's failure to notify in advance will be borne by the guest, please understand.
14. If an accident occurs during the itinerary, resulting in casualties or other losses, the solution shall be based on the regulations stipulated by airlines, hotels, buses and other operating agencies, and has nothing to do with the company.

Cancellation instructions
1. If the tour cannot be visited due to irresistible factors such as weather, war, strike, etc., the company will have the right to change the itinerary, and refund the ticket fees of the scenic spots (except for the self-paid items presented as a gift), and the registration fee will not be refunded;
2. Cancellation terms are as follows:(The terms of return and change are subject to this webpage, and the terms of return and change of relevant documents of suppliers are not applicable):
a. If the group requests to cancel or reschedule after booking to 15 days before departure (inclusive), 10% of the total group fee shall be deducted. If there are other additional hotels, air tickets or services, please refer to the regulations of the hotel or airline. Is it possible to get a refund.
b. From 8 days (inclusive) to 14 days (inclusive) before departure, if you request to cancel or reschedule, 50% of the total tour fee will be deducted. If you have other additional hotels or services, please refer to the hotel regulations to determine whether a refund can be made.
c. If the group requests to cancel 7 days before departure (inclusive) to the day of departure or fails to participate on time on the day of departure, it will be regarded as an automatic waiver, and the paid group fee will not be refunded.
d. If your company or guest withdraws during the trip or fails to participate in any itinerary due to personal reasons (no travel documents, lateness, illness, accident, etc.), the paid tour fee will not be refunded, nor will it be compensated for other services .

Other information
1. It is recommended to bring plenty of drinking water
2. Due to strong sunlight, it is recommended to apply sunscreen, lipstick, sunglasses, hat and scarf, etc.
3. It is recommended to wear comfortable outdoor clothes and shoes
4. If necessary, you can bring motion sickness medicine
5. The phone will have no signal in some areas on the way
6. If you sign up for other night tour groups or make reservations to watch performances on the night of your return trip, please arrange your personal itinerary properly, and remind you not to arrange the time too tightly. Due to the factors of resistance, we do not recommend any reservations for the evening of the return trip.The company is not responsible for any delays or losses arising therefrom.

Q & A

  1. ask: How do I know if the reservation is complete after placing an order?  answer: We will send you a confirmation letter to inform you within 12-24 hours. This confirmation letter contains a file of travel voucher as proof of purchase.You only need to bring your ID to the ticketing center to pick up the tickets.If it is difficult to get tickets on the spot (rarely), you can use the travel voucher to show to the staff, or call the emergency contact number on the voucher for inquiries.
  2. ask: What should I do if I have not received the confirmation letter after placing the order? answer: Sometimes the acknowledgment will appear in the spam, please check it in the spam.If you continue to not receive, please send a letter to .In an emergency, please send a text message to or call our local US phone: 702-381-2301 to contact us.
  3. ask: Can I just bring my travel voucher when I leave? answer: Generally speaking, the tour guide will have the passenger list of the day, as long as you check the name, you can get on the bus.In a few cases, you will need to show the travel voucher at the pick-up point to prove it; but because the group has arranged to stay in the hotel, please bring your passport or ID card.If you anticipate a problem at the time of departure, please call the emergency contact number on your travel voucher.


If you have any questions about other products or reservations, please leave a message through the contact window at the bottom right corner of this website or email Contact us, we will usually get back to you within 12 hours.In an emergency, please send a text message or call our local US phone: 702-381-2301.

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