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[Page Town] Horseshoe Bay Helicopter, including landing on the hill (for self-driving tour)

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This helicopter flight is operated by Air Papillon, you will take a sightseeing helicopter to enjoy the beautiful view of Horseshoe Bay and Lake Powell from the sky, including landing.

Original price $ 279.00 Internet discount $ 269.00

This helicopter flight is operated by Air Papillon, you will take a sightseeing helicopter to enjoy the beautiful view of Horseshoe Bay and Lake Powell from the sky, including landing.

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Due to the recent surge in oil prices, the airline announced on March 2022, 3 that from March 16 or later, the airline will charge $7 per person at check-in for helicopter groups departing from "Page Town". Fuel surcharge until further notice.


Tower Hill Landing Tour (Airplane Tour)

At an altitude of 5000 feet, Tower Hill is undoubtedly the most unique creation of Mother Nature, providing the best landing point for your perfect flying trip. After you board the EcoStar plane, the plane will head east, flying over the famous Antelope Canyon, the Navajo Tribe and Lake Powell. Finally land on top of Tower Hill. As you land, you will be surprised to discover the novelty of this journey.

Provide you with 360-degree views. Views of Glen Canyon, Kaiparowitz Plateau on Lake Powell, Great Stairs and Vermilion Cliffs. Enjoy a 20-minute tour of Tower Hill with the opportunity to take pictures and listen to an introduction to the culture of the Navajo tribe. Only helicopters can reach this unique flying adventure to make your memories memorable. Remember to make your photos record the unique beauty of the southwestern United States and the land of the Navajo tribe, because your journey story is made by You come to tell and portray.

Suggested itinerary:
• Guests arriving at the airport must be registered 30 minutes before departure
• All guests 18 years or older must present a valid photo ID (driver's license)
• Guests board the Eco-Star Helicopter, * Tower Hill can only be reached by air
• Enjoy a simple flight with great views of the Antelope Canyon and the land of the Navajo tribe and Lake Powell (one way: about 10 minutes by flight)
• Landing tower hill, 5000 square feet above sea level
This helicopter flight is operated by Papillon Air, and the journey is on a Papillon sightseeing helicopter.

Departure date: Depart every day, except Christmas Day (December 12)
departure time: The actual departure time is different every day, please check the most accurate departure time when booking.
Hotel pickup: The tour does not provide hotel pick-up
Departure airport: Page, AZ Airport – 238 10th Avenue, Page, AZ 86040
Airliner model: Helicopter
Passenger aircraft seats: 7 seats
Language of the group: English (no audio guide, the whole journey will be explained by the pilot)
Audio guide: English audio guide available
Child fare: 2-11 years old belong to the child price, children under 2 years old who do not occupy a seat can participate for free with proof of age
The whole tour: About 30-35 minutes, including take-off and landing.

Price description and options

Helicopter ride fee + hill landing
Service charge

Not included
Tips for pilots (recommended $ 3-5 / person)

Pick-up time and location

No shuttle service. go by selfAirport, Address: 238 10th Avenue, Page, AZ 86040 (requires check-in at the airport at least 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time)

Booking terms, process and other information

Booking terms and procedures
1. Please indicate all when orderingPassenger's English name and approximate weight.
2. This product is a second-confirmation product, and the order does not mean that the reservation is completed.We will process the order within 24 hours. If the booking is successfully completed, we will send you a confirmation letter and confirmed travel vouchers by email.If there is no time interval selected when you placed the order, we will ask you whether you can accept the flight at other time intervals, or change the date (we will provide different options as much as possible), or cancel the reservation, so after placing the order, please do not Check your email from time to time.If the booking cannot be completed in the end, we will notify you and issue a full refund.If you have any questions before booking, you can leave a message through the contact window in the lower right corner of this website or email contact us.
3. Once the relevant travel services are confirmed, the guest can cancel the reservation 5 working days before departure, and after deducting 10% of the total tour fee as a handling fee, the remaining tour fee will be refunded to the credit card that paid for; If the tour cancels within 4 working days or fails to join the tour, the full tour fee will not be refunded(The terms of cancellation and change are subject to this website, and the terms of cancellation and change in the relevant documents of airline companies are not applicable).
4. No refunds will be given if guests fail to meet on time or fail to catch their flight due to being late.
5. Please do not turn off your mobile phone on the day before and on the day of departure. If there is any situation before departure, the airline will call you directly.If your contact phone number is different from that when you registered and made a reservation, please send an email to Update.
6. The maximum weight limit is300 lbs (136 kg); Please provide your weight when booking, if the guest exceeds 300 pounds, the airline will charge an additional fee at the time of check-in.
7. If the itinerary is changed, delayed, partially and/or completely cancelled due to unforeseen weather, traffic, natural disasters and or any force majeure, the company will charge all or part of the fee as appropriate (will be deducted not less than the total tour fee. After the 10% handling fee, the rest of the tour fee will be refunded to the credit card that paid for).
8. In the event of force majeure or other factors in the itinerary during actual operation, the operator or tour guide has the right to adjust the itinerary as appropriate to ensure that as many tourist attractions as possible are visited. For example, the itinerary caused by force majeure or other external factors Delays, the company is not responsible for any delays or losses arising therefrom.
9. If an accident occurs during the itinerary, resulting in casualties or other losses, the solution shall be based on the regulations stipulated by airlines, hotels, vehicles and other operating agencies, and has nothing to do with the company.

Other information
1. Advisable to bring plenty of drinking water
2. Due to strong sunshine, we recommend sunscreen, lip balm, wearing sunglasses, hats and scarves
3. Recommend comfortable clothing and shoes out
4. The tour will enter areas that have weak signals.

Q & A

  1. Q: How do I know if the reservation is complete after placing the order? A: We will send you a confirmation letter within 12-24 hours to notify you. This confirmation letter contains a file of travel voucher as proof of purchase.You only need to bring your ID to the ticketing center to pick up the tickets.If it is difficult to pick up tickets on the spot (rarely), you can use the travel voucher to show the staff, or call the emergency contact number on the voucher.
  2. Q: What should I do if I have not received the confirmation letter after ordering? A: Sometimes the confession will appear in the spam, please check it in the spam. If you have not received your confirmation letter after two days, you can contact us via the contact window in the lower right corner or leave a message to us.
  3. Q: Is it ok to bring a travel voucher when you leave? A: Yes, take the travel voucher (or confirm the code) to the site and exchange the ticket with the staff to wait for admission.


If you have any questions about other products and reservations, please leave a message through the contact window in the lower right corner, or send an email to contact us.We will generally reply you within 12 hours.