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[VIP Itinerary] Grand Canyon West Rim Helicopter Air and Ground Day Tour (Glass Bridge can be purchased)

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Take a helicopter to experience the Grand Canyon West Rim land and air day tour, VIP tour, starting from Las Vegas, aerial view of the beautiful scenery of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and Colorado River along the way, land tour of different attractions in the West Canyon, you can add Buy a glass bridge and experience the beauty of the West Canyon from different angles!

Original price $ 464.00 Internet discount $ 445.00

Take a helicopter to experience the Grand Canyon West Rim land and air day tour, VIP tour, starting from Las Vegas, aerial view of the beautiful scenery of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and Colorado River along the way, land tour of different attractions in the West Canyon, you can add Buy a glass bridge and experience the beauty of the West Canyon from different angles!

Choose departure time

Please select the flight departure time range, the shuttle will pick you up at the hotel about one and a half hours before departure

Optional items

You can purchase a glass bridge for an additional $35 per person

Entry information entry *


Due to the recent surge in oil prices, the airline announced on March 2022, 3 that for helicopter tours to West Canyon departing on or after March 16, the airline will charge a fuel surcharge of $7 per person at check-in until Further notice.


Grand Canyon West Rim Helicopter Air and Ground Tour Pick up from your hotel and transfer to the airline terminal in Boulder City, after check-in, begin the scenic flight of approximately 35-40 minutes, you will be seen from the helicopter along the way Get a bird's-eye view of the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and the Colorado River before arriving at the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, part of the venerable Hualapai Native Americans.

After landing, you will enjoy a self-guided tour and take the shuttle bus provided in the park to visit various attractions, including "Eagle Point" and "Bat Rock" (Guano Point), and admire the colorful sculptures made by the Colorado River over millions of years Cliffs.At "Eagle Rock", you will experience the skywalk-the famous glass bridge (if selected), built 4,000 feet from the bottom of the canyon, extending from the top edge of the canyon to 70 feet.Strolling along the horseshoe-shaped curve across the glass bridge will give you the opportunity to experience the different styles of the canyon at 720 degrees. Here, the canyon is really at your feet!You can also enjoy the magnificent canyon view at Bat Rock.

Finally, take the West Canyon Park shuttle bus back to the West Canyon Airlines terminal and take the helicopter flight back to Las Vegas, with a shuttle service to your Las Vegas hotel.

Departure date: Departure every day (except Christmas Day - December 12)
flight schedule:天天早上 7:00am-8:59am; 9:00am-11:45am (黃金出發時段,每位多加$20) 和11:46am-2:00pm班次(不同月份,出發時間可能有差別)
Hotel pick-up time: About 1.5 hours before departure to pick up guests at the hotel
Hotel pick up: Most hotels in Las Vegas provide pick-up service, please inform the hotel you are staying at when placing your order
model: Helicopter
Full number of people: About 6 people
Maximum weight limit: 300 lbs (136 kg); please provide your weight when placing the order. If the guest exceeds 300 lbs, the airline will charge an additional fee at the time of check-in
Departure airport: Located at Boulder City Airport, about 35 minutes’ drive from the Las Vegas Strip, Address: 1265 Airport Road, Boulder City, NV 89005

About 7 hours

According to the requirements of the helicopter company, please provide approximate weight per passenger when placing an order.

Available optional activities
Glass Bridge-Skywalk (Add US$35 per person)
The masterpiece in the history of architecture "Glass Bridge-Sky Walk" gives you a unique canyon adventure experience.Across the edge of the Grand Canyon over 70 feet, the open-air fully transparent glass trail allows visitors to "walk in the air" on the Colorado River above 4000 feet.The glass bridge allows visitors to truly appreciate the magnificent beauty of the Grand Canyon from 720 degrees.

Itinerary characteristics
*Include hotel pickup
*Fly to the west rim of the Grand Canyon, with a bird's eye view of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Colorado River, etc.
*Through the headset equipped on the machine, you can choose to listen to a total of 16 different languages ​​(including Mandarin and Cantonese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese). , Spanish, Swedish, Thai and Russian)
*Lots of photo opportunities
*West Canyon take the shuttle bus in the park to various attractions (English speaking driver)

Schedule time
*Total tour time: from leaving the hotel to returning to the hotel, about 7 hours
*Flight time: about 1 hours and 10 minutes round trip
*Time spent in the Grand Canyon: about 3 hours

*Free shuttle service is provided from Las Vegas hotel to airline terminal
*Check in at the airline terminal about 45 minutes before departure (You must bring your passport or U.S. government-recognized photo ID)
*Helicopter flight to Grand Canyon West Rim – board with earphone-equipped commentary and enjoy a scenic route along the way with aerial views of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Colorado River and more
*After arriving at the Grand Canyon West Rim Airport, take a self-guided tour and take the shuttle bus to different attractions in the park
*Walking on the glass bridge
*Purchase food by yourself at different locations in the park
*Take the shuttle bus in the park back to West Canyon Airline Station, and take the flight back to the airline's Boulder City station
*Free shuttle service to return to your Las Vegas hotel

Please use your English passport (or ID) name when you place the order, because a photo ID is required to check in on site.

Please watch the following video reference:-

Price description and options

Price includes
*Hotel pickup
*Small passenger plane boarding fee
*Grand Canyon West Rim Ticket
*Shuttle bus in West Canyon Park
*Service fee and tax

Price does not include
*Hotel pick-up driver tip (recommendation is $1-$2 per person per trip)
*Glass Bridge Tickets – (This option can be added for an additional $35 per person)
*Any meal expenses
*Souvenirs and snacks
*Any personal expenses

Child ticket: Same adult price (The FAA stipulates that children aged 2 years or older need to have their own seat; babies aged 0-1 can participate for free, but they do not occupy a seat and need to bring a birth certificate or passport to prove their age.)

Pick-up time and location

Please tell us the name of the hotel you are staying in when you place your order, so that we can assist in arranging shuttle transfers.The pick-up time is approximately one and a half hours before the departure of the plane. (If you choose a flight departing at 9:30am, the pick-up time is about 8:00am.)

Booking terms and other information

Booking terms
1. Please indicate all when orderingPassenger ID and English name and approximate weight.Please indicate the hotel name and let the airline arrange the transfer.
2. This product is a second-confirmation product. Within 12-24 hours after placing the order, we will confirm and issue the confirmed travel vouchers to you or notify you of the failure of the reservation and a full refund.If you book within three days before departure, please contact us immediately or send an email to Contact us to confirm before placing an order
3. Once the relevant travel service is confirmed, the guest can cancel the reservation 5 working days before departure, and after deducting 4% of the total tour fee as a handling fee, the remaining tour fee will be refunded to the credit card that paid for; If the tour cancels within 4 working days or fails to join the tour, the full tour fee will not be refunded
4. We recommend that guests go to find the pick-up location on their own the day before leaving the group to familiarize themselves with the location of the pick-up point, because many hotels in Las Vegas have multiple entrances and exits in case the pick-up time is too late in the morning; If you are not sure about the pick-up point, you can check with the hotel staff in advance.Please remember to bring this confirmation voucher, passport or photo ID recognized by the U.S. government on the day of departure to facilitate identification
5. The maximum weight limit is300 lbs (136 kg); Please provide your weight when booking, if the guest exceeds 300 pounds, the airline will charge an additional fee at the time of check-in
6. If the itinerary is changed, delayed, partially and/or completely cancelled due to unforeseen weather, traffic, natural disasters and/or any force majeure, the company will charge all or part of the fee (deducted not less than the total tour fee) After 4% handling fee, the rest of the tour fee will be refunded to the paying credit card)
7. In the event of force majeure or other factors in the actual operation of the itinerary, the operator or tour guide has the right to adjust the itinerary as appropriate to ensure that as many tourist attractions as possible are visited. For example, the itinerary caused by force majeure or other external factors Delays, the company is not responsible for the resulting delays and losses.
8. If an accident occurs during the itinerary, resulting in casualties or other losses, it should be resolved in accordance with the regulations stipulated by airlines, hotels, vehicles and other operating agencies, and has nothing to do with the company.

Other information
1. It is recommended to arrive at the pick-up point 10 minutes before the designated pick-up time
2. For your own safety, please keep a safe distance from the edge of the canyon
3. It is recommended to bring plenty of drinking water
4. Due to strong sunlight, it is recommended to apply sunscreen, lipstick, sunglasses, hat and scarf, etc.
5. It is recommended to pay attention to the weather on the travel day and wear suitable and comfortable outdoor clothes and shoes
6. The phone will have no signal in some areas on the way

Q & A

  1. ask: How do I know if the reservation is complete after placing an order?   A: 我們會在12-24小時之內發給您一封確認信通知您,此確認信包含一個旅遊憑證的檔案當作購買憑證。您僅需帶著旅遊憑證、您的證件在指定時間和地點等候航空公司安排的班車接您即可。若是當天在指定地點等候超過指定時間10分鐘 (極少發生),則可撥打憑證上的緊急連絡電話查詢或撥打我們的美國本地電話: 702-381-2301。
  1. ask: What should I do if I have not received the confirmation letter after placing the order?   A: Sometimes the acknowledgment will appear in the spam, please check it in the spam.If you still have not received the confirmation letter, please notify us as soon as possible.If you continue to not receive, please send a letter to .In an emergency, please send a text message to or call our local US phone: 702-381-2301 to contact us.


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