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[Sights Tickets] Las Vegas Eiffel Tower Observation Deck Discount Tickets (day ticket $17)

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Las Vegas Eiffel Tower Observation Deck Tickets

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Las Vegas Eiffel Tower Observation Deck Tickets

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Ticket type

1. Adult day pass: 10 am-7 pm-$17/person (official $22)
2. Adult night ticket (available all day): 10am-1am-$22/person (official $25)

3. Children's daytime ticket (4-12 years old): 10 am-7 pm-$11/person (official $11)

4. Night ticket for children (available all day): 10am-1am-$20/person (Official $22)

Free admission for children under the age of 3

The Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas is directly opposite Bellagio, the observation deck is located on the 46 floor, with a very good avenue to the north, south and central view. There is an iron bar on the viewing platform, but there is a small hole in the middle to take the phone and camera out to take pictures, and it will not be blocked by the railing. It is generally recommended to go at night to see the night view of the avenue. In the evening, the Bellagio water show is opposite, with the most romantic views on the boulevard.

Location: Paris Las Vegas

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