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[Selected must play] Las Vegas helicopter night tour (including boulevard pick-up)

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This helicopter flight is operated by Sundance Aviation, and you will take a scenic helicopter flight to enjoy the beautiful night view of the Las Vegas Strip

Original price $ 105.00 Internet discount $ 95.00

This helicopter flight is operated by Sundance Aviation, and you will take a scenic helicopter flight to enjoy the beautiful night view of the Las Vegas Strip

Please tick the departure time *

Please check the available departure time. If the itinerary permits, please select more than one, so that in case you do not have a selected time period, we can directly help you book other checked time periods. Note: This is a flight time. Pick-up and drop-off will pick you up at the hotel 1-1.5 hours before this time.

Pick-up options *

If you can drive to the airport by yourself: 5596 haven st, las vegas, NV 89119 You can cancel the transfer, and one person can deduct 15 yuan.

Fill in accommodation and weight information *



This helicopter flight is operated by Sundance Aviation, and you will take a scenic helicopter flight to enjoy the beautiful night view of the Las Vegas Strip

The night view of Las Vegas is not an adjective that can be described. It can only be felt if you experience it. Helicopters can best experience the bright nights of Las Vegas

Departure Date: Daily Departure
Departure time: Every evening from 5:45 in the evening, every 45 minutes. (May change depending on the season)

Departure time: 5:45

Hotel Pick-up time: 1-1.5 hours before departure to the hotel to pick up the guests
Shuttle hotels: Las Vegas strip on the main hotel are available for pick-up
Type: EC-130 Helicopter
Full number of people: 6 people
Maximum weight: 300 pounds-136 kilograms (more than two seats need to buy)
Full flight time: about 12 minutes

Language selection of the group: English (no audio guide, brief explanation by pilot)
Child ticket: the same adult price (the US Federal Aviation Administration provides 2 years or older children need to have their own seats)

Price description and options

Hotel pick-up and drop-off (unless the order is cancelled, if you do not need to pick up and drop off, you can get 15 yuan per person)
Helicopter ride costs
Service charge

Not included
Tips for tour guides and drivers (recommended $ 3-5 / person)

Pick-up time and location

Pick-up service: A free pick-up service is available at the 5 mile (8) hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

If you choose to go by yourself or miss the shuttle bus: departure5596 Haven st, Las Vegas, Nv 89119

Booking terms, process and other information

Booking terms and procedures

1. Please indicate all when orderingPassenger's English name and approximate weight. Please indicate the hotel name if you need to pick up and drop off. (Only accept hotels on the avenue)

2. This product is a second confirmation product, and does not mean that the reservation is completed after the order is placed. We will process the order within 12-24 hours. If the booking is successfully completed, we will send a confirmation letter to you; if there is no interval period in your order, we will inform you if it is possible to ask for other periods or to change the date , Or cancel the reservation, so please check your email one or two days after you place your order. If the booking fails, we will issue a full refund.

3. Cannot be cancelled, changed or refunded after the order is successfully booked. (Unless the weather is bad and the helicopter cannot fly, a full refund will be given)
4. No refund will be given if the guests cannot meet on time, or if they miss the flight due to being late

Other information

1. Advisable to bring plenty of drinking water
2. Due to strong sunshine, we recommend sunscreen, lip balm, wearing sunglasses, hats and scarves
3. Recommend comfortable clothing and shoes out
4. The tour will enter areas that have weak signals.

Q & A

  1. Q: How do I know if the reservation is completed after the order is placed? A: We will send you a confirmation letter within X hours of 12-24 hours. This confirmation letter contains a travel document file as proof of purchase. Simply bring your ID to the ticketing center to pick up the ticket. If it is difficult to collect the ticket on the spot (very rare), you can use the travel voucher to see the staff, or call the emergency contact number on the voucher.
  2. Q: What should I do if I have not received the confirmation letter after ordering? A: Sometimes the confession will appear in the spam, please check it in the spam. If you have not received your confirmation letter after two days, you can contact us via the contact window in the lower right corner or leave a message to us.
  3. Q: Is it ok to bring a travel voucher when you leave? A: Yes, take the travel voucher (or confirm the code) to the site and exchange the ticket with the staff to wait for admission.

For other products and reservations, please contact us at or call our US local number: 702-213-2459