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[Featured Experience] Las Vegas Hot Air Balloon Experience Sunrise Network Special $159 (with champagne)

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Sunset Package (only for 11-2 months)

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Vegas Hot Air Balloons loves to share with you the world's oldest and safest flight method. Touch the sky and enjoy the most beautiful old days. Your hot air balloon ride has already begun when you meet the pilot and crew! Flight time is 30 minutes before sunrise.

At the takeoff scene, your crew will introduce you to the upcoming balloon adventure. Then, the hot air balloon that eventually surpasses the 10 floor is slowly standing in front of you, which is really a spectacle. Once the hot air balloon is full of gas and ready to take off, you will climb into the gondola and start a one-time adventure.
When you fly in the sky, you will see the gorgeous Red Rock Mountain and the famous Las Vegas Strip like a bird. You will slowly drift over the city and the countryside, where you will see wildlife and talk to people on the ground. After about an hour of rafting, we will be ready to land.
When we get back to the ground, we celebrate with the oldest traditional hot air balloon: champagne toasting and reveling in peace, tranquility and beauty.

Hot air balloons require a breeze, no rain, and good visibility in flight. The flying height is about a thousand feet. The flight time is between 45 minutes and one and a half hours, and the whole process is about 4 hours.

Since the hot air balloon can only fly downwind, the flight route and landing location will vary depending on the wind direction. It's hard to feel it moving and altitude in a hot air balloon.

Departure Date: Daily Departure

Two types of takeoff time can be selected:

  • Morning (about 30 minutes before sunrise)
  • Evening (11 months to 2 months only, 30 minutes before sunset)

Collection time: Due to the different collection time of each event, please call (8) 702-608 to confirm the event collection time after 8382 point one night before the departure.
Hotel pick-up: Hotel pick-up service is $20 per person (only on hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, 5/1/2019)
Meeting point: 4390 Polaris Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89103.
Language: English
Child price: For children from 6 to 14, children under 6 are not allowed to participate in this group.
The time of the group: about 3-4 hours (the flight time is about 1 hours)

Price description and options

Price includes

Hot air balloon ride *1 bit

Champagne and snacks

Flight Memorial Certificate

Service fee and tax

Price does not include

Tips for connecting drivers and hot air balloon driving (recommended 5-10 USD/person)

Hotel pick-up (additional purchase)

Pick-up time and location

Departure location: 4390 Polaris Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89103
Because the sunrise and sunset groups are determined by the time of the day, so the time is the same as the previous day to contact the hot air balloon company. (Please call (8) 702-608 after 8382 on the night before the flight departure to confirm the collection time.)

Booking terms and other information

Booking terms

1. This product is a second-confirmed product. Within X hours of 12-24, we will confirm and invoice you or notify you of the failure of the booking and a full refund.

Guests must cancel seven days before the departure date to get a full refund.

3. Our staff will contact you to confirm the time and place one day before the departure date. Please remember to bring the confirmation voucher, passport or US government-approved photo ID on the day of departure.

4. In case of unforeseen weather, traffic, natural disasters or any force majeure, the itinerary changes, delays, partial and / or total cancellation, the company will charge all or part of the fees as appropriate.

5. In case of force majeure or other factors in actual operation, the tour guide has the right to adjust the route as appropriate to ensure that the itinerary still stick as closely to the original plan as possible. However, if the trip is delayed due to other factors outside human control, the company is not responsible for any delays or losses caused by that.

6. If the passenger misses the shift due to the inability of the passenger to arrive at the meeting point on time, the company will not make any compensation or refund.

7. Please note: The flight of a hot air balloon has a lot to do with the weather of the day. We reserve the right to cancel flights due to weather, staff, equipment maintenance and other issues.

8. 體重及年齡限制:乘客個人體重不得超過280磅(127千克)。最低參與年齡為6歲,未滿17歲的未成年人必須由成年人陪同。

9. Participation restrictions: Passengers must be in good physical condition: no recent surgery, injuries, hips, back, knee problems, health problems, physical limitations, not pregnant or suffering from serious hearing problems. Therefore, activities involve a large number of sports. For the sake of safety, those with limited mobility are not allowed to participate in this activity.

Other information

1. Advisable to bring plenty of drinking water

2. Due to strong sunshine, we recommend sunscreen, lip balm, wearing sunglasses, hats and scarves

3. Recommend comfortable clothing and shoes out

Q & A

  1. Q: How do I know if the reservation is completed after the order is placed? A: We will send you a confirmation letter within X hours of 12-24 hours. This confirmation letter contains a travel document file as proof of purchase. Simply bring your ID to the ticketing center to pick up the ticket. If it is difficult to collect the ticket on the spot (very rare), you can use the travel voucher to see the staff, or call the emergency contact number on the voucher.
  2. Q: What should I do if I have not received the confirmation letter after ordering? A: Sometimes the confession will appear in the spam, please check it in the spam. If you have not received it, please send a message to or contact us via FB/Line.

For other products and reservations, please contact us at or call our US local number: 702-213-2459