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IFunvegas – My Mad Vegas was founded in the 2014 summer vacation and is the only online travel agency dedicated to serving Las Vegas Chinese travelers. In addition to our commitment to providing the most complete Las Vegas travel guide and fun information, we also offer discounted tickets, restaurants and fun. In this article, we have compiled the latest offers and will be fixed. If you have special needs or questions, please feel free to contact us (the chat room window in the lower right corner can talk to us directly or leave a message).

In addition to the travel products we offer on behalf of our website, we also have other cooperation with this and other other travel website offers.

Latest discount coupons (2.19.2020 update)

IFunvegas (this site) – Autumn promotional coupons, show tickets, tickets, Chinese groups are common!

Validity period: 8.31.2019 to 5.31.2020. (Applicable to all stations, including show tickets, play, attraction tickets, single day group and other products)

IFunvegas is committed to providing the most convenient and low-cost online booking service for Chinese travelers. The price offered by this site is the lowest among Las Vegas Chinese travel agencies. We have long-term cooperation and good relationship with show, play, and hotel suppliers. We often get different promotions and feedbacks to our readers and customers. Since we offer low prices as much as possible, there is less room for discounts -> Click here to go to the mall to spend (Las Vegas Tourism Board designated partner) has the most comprehensive range of travel products in Las Vegas, from hotel accommodation to show tickets, fun, and the price is very competitive. It is very cost-effective to spend with a discount code. Most of the show tickets have an electronic ticket, and you can send the e-ticket directly.

Tufeng Travel Network

  • North American local group product 68 fold up – free coupon -> Go to the query

Wayway is a website that is convenient for booking US local fun and multi-day groups. There are not only Las Vegas products on the website, but also multi-day tours in other cities and cities in the United States. Most of the products are also very good, and a small number of boutique niche groups are more expensive.

Local Tours and Activities

Tufeng Travel Network – There are a wide variety of products on the platform, including one-day/multi-day bus groups.Small boutique light luxury group. Low-priced, highly rated products can be found on the platform.

IFunvegas (this site) – We offer a local selection of Chinese single-day tours in Las Vegas, including a one-day tour of the Grand Canyon West Gap, Grand Canyon South Gap, Antelope Valley, Horseshoe Bend and more. In addition to booking Grand Canyon helicopter products or other travel projects – Provide a variety of play products and tickets (universal products have good discounts), but the tour group is mainly in English

Hotel/hotel accommodation discount – If you are familiar with English, you can find the latest information on the platform. (Sometimes other online booking platforms don't update the latest information, but because focuses on Las Vegas, the news is up to date. For example, the same price can be booked in the same room, sometimes can order more breakfast, or It is a consumption vouchers, etc., and you can get extra value of $20-50!) – International brands, the prices on the Internet are very competitive and low. If you are too lazy to compare, you can use to determine the price directly.

Airbnb – Get a voucher of $40 (for reservations). Las Vegas private short-term rentals are actually illegal, but there are still many good small apartments and suites for rent on the market. As long as you don't get too far from the avenue, staying in these small apartments or houses can be a good money-saving option and a different experience.

IFunvegas – Thanks to long-term cooperation with local hoteliers, we are able to offer hotels and have great deals. We can offer a much lower price than the lowest price found on the Internet. These prices cannot be sold on the Internet because the hotel industry must ensure the market and protect its official price. If you need to book multiple rooms, or if you want to book a higher-end five-star hotel, you can book 10%-25% less than the lowest price on the Internet. If you need it, please contact us by email ( or online customer service.


Rentalcars – Online car rental comparison platform. The platform can quickly search for and compare the rental prices of multiple travel websites to provide the most favorable solution.