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Whether you are coming to Las Vegas for the first time or have been there, the helicopter experience is one of the best experiences you can't miss! Las Vegas is the most interesting and unique experience in addition to the night show. No more than a helicopter night tour, as well as a Grand Canyon helicopter.

Maybe you have done your homework, and you can see various helicopter products on the Internet, but you don't know where their differences are. Which company to choose, which product should be the most worthy or most suitable? This guide will be complete. analysis

  1. Is the helicopter safe? (How to choose a helicopter company)
  2. The most popular type of helicopter product
  3. Where can I order it?
  4. Summary
  5. More frequently asked questions and answers

Is the helicopter safe? Which company is good?

The first thing you probably want to ask the most is whether it is safe to take a helicopter. After all, the most important thing to play outside is no more than life safety. In fact the helicopter is very safe. Just like airplanes, there are strict standards in the United States in the United States, helicopter companies have been audited and regulated, and there are very formal aviation industry processes. But the same as the plane, it is impossible to 100% security has never been an accident.

In a year, Las Vegas takes off to visit the Las Vegas Strip or nearby, plus the helicopter group of the Grand Canyon has at least more than XNUMX flights. The annual accident rate is about less than single digits, so the overall situation is The probability of accident is still quite small.

It is also because these helicopter companies are all formal companies in the United States, so none of the products have a "Chinese guide" service, because the helicopter pilots are all foreigners.However, although there is no real Chinese guide, some helicopter products still have Chinese audio guide.However, taking a helicopter is mainly to overlook the scenery from the aerial perspective. Whether or not you listen to the commentary will not affect the overall experience too much.

There are many helicopter companies in Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, and they offer many products of all sizes and they are very similar.The most important established companies include the following two:

1. Maverick Helicopters – Google rated 4.8 stars (more than 3,000 reviews)

Maverick Helicopters

Official website: Maverick Helicopter

2. Papillon Helicopters – Google rated 4.3 stars (more than 600 reviews)

Papillon Helicopters

Official website: Papillon Helicopters

We generally recommend Papillon Helicopters and Maverick Helicopters.

Papillon has been operating in Las Vegas since 1965 and has the largest helicopter and small aircraft fleet of the Grand Canyon Aviation Group. Its brands include Grand Canyon Helicopters and Scenic Airlines. Papillon company has travel packages for operating helicopters and small planes, and some packages are shuttled in an extended courtesy car, so that passengers can enjoy the luxurious experience of Las Vegas at the same time.Their small plane can also fly to the South Canyon (Grand Canyon National Park). It is currently the only small plane group flying from Las Vegas to the South Canyon. You can refer to:Grand Canyon National Park Airplane and Hummer One Day Highlights Tour.The reason why Papillon Helicopters is recommended is that they have more package combinations and cover many tourist attractions, not just those near Las Vegas, for exampleHoover Dam,Lake Mead is also organically operated in the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bay and other places. Their products on the same itinerary are about 10-15% cheaper than Mavericks, and the prices are relatively favorable. Cost-effective.

Maverick has been operating in the United States for more than 25 years, and has teams in different regions of the United States. It is one of the largest helicopter companies in the United States. Maverick only has helicopter tours departing from Las Vegas. Hotel pick-ups are usually shuttle buses. They have been able to maintain excellent service for many years. Although the prices are more expensive than those of other companies in the same level, they are still reasonable. In the range.

Papillon HelicoptersMaverick Helicopters The companies are currently the airlines that mainly provide airline groups in Las Vegas. Both of them have very good reviews, excellent services, and reliable teams.


Papillon Grand Canyon Aerial View Flight Video Appreciation

Mavericks Avenue Helicopter Night Tour

The most popular product line

Helicopter products on the Las Vegas side are roughly divided into several types: take off from Las Vegas (or nearby airports), take off from the West Canyon, take off from the South Canyon, and take off from Las Vegas is Among them, the products have the largest number, including the aerial view of the boulevard in Las Vegas, and several products flying to the West Canyon and the South Canyon.

If you are not familiar with the West Gorge and the South Gorge in the Grand Canyon and don't understand the difference between the two places, you can refer to our other article: Grand Canyon complete tourism strategy (Compared with Xixia and Nanxia)

Since there are too many products of the same type on the market, we will introduce each type (route) products according to our understanding of these products, and select the most suitable products of the series to recommend to everyone.

1. Las Vegas (or nearby airport) takes off

Las Vegas Boulevard Night Tour

From Las Vegas, fly over the avenue to see the night scene, also known as the Las Vegas helicopter night tour
There are many companies operating the price of this product is basically the same, this series we recommend the Papillon / Grand Canyon Helicopter company products

Recommended product: Papillon / Grand Canyon Helicopter Helicopter Night Tour (including transfer, USD $119 per person) -> Click here to go to reservations
*And a similar product from Maverick Helicopters -> Click here to go to reservations

Flying to the Grand Canyon (West Gorge)

There are three more products

The first type: pure air tour without landing-no landing, just fly around and come back, suitable for travelers who have a very tight schedule and only have some time. (The whole journey takes about 2-3 hours)

West Canyon Helicopter Tour

Recommended product: Papillon Helicopters Grand Canyon Air Tour (including hotel pick-up, starting from USD $375 per person) -> Click here to go to reservations

The second type: a picnic group landing at the bottom of the valley-one of the most popular helicopter groups in the Grand Canyon (about 4 hours)

Grand celebration

Recommended product: "Gorgeous Helicopter Grand Canyon West Rim Champagne Tour" by Papillon Helicopters (including hotel pick-up and drop-off on the main avenue, starting at USD $429 per person) -> Click here to go to reservations
*And a similar product from Maverick Helicopters -> Click here to go to reservations

Note: This product is one of the most popular products every year, and if you want to watch the sunset of the Grand Canyon, you can purchase the sunset time.In addition, this group uses a newer model of EC-130 helicopters, the overall experience is comfortable, and the noise during flight is relatively small

The third type: Landing at the bottom of the valley and taking a cruise on the Colorado River, plus participating in the West Gorge Glass Bridge-or VIP group/sea, land and air experience, the most luxurious and expensive product (about 6-7 hours in total)

Recommended product: Grand Canyon West Rim Premium Tour by In-Depth Helicopter (including hotel pick-up and drop-off, starting from USD $719 per person) -> Click here to go to reservations

Take a small plane to the Grand Canyon National Park (South Gorge), then transfer to a Hummer to visit the attractions

Grand Canyon National Park

We think it is the best quality complete Grand Canyon experience, because flying to the South Gorge, there is also time to take a Hummer to visit the scenic spots in the Grand Canyon National Park, and then take a helicopter in the valley, the overall time is not too long, it has been subtracted The difficulty of pulling a car from Las Vegas to South Canyon for five hours. (The whole journey takes about 9.5 hours)

Recommended product: Scenic Airlines' "One Day Tour of Grand Canyon National Park by Plane and Hummer" (includes avenue transfer, USD $559 per person) -> Click here to go to reservations

2. Take off in the West Canyon (Las Vegas with bus group or drive to West Canyon)

If you are attendingXixia single day group, you can add the option to participate in the helicopter + bottom cruise. -》Click here to go to reservations

What if you areDrive to West CanyonIf you are not, it is best to book "West Canyon Tickets" first to ensure that you can enter the park (unless it is due to weather, which may happen once in a few years), and then consider buying "Glass Bridge Tickets" and "Helicopter + Valley Bottom Cruise" . "Glass Bridge Tickets" can be purchased on-site in general, but the price may vary; however, "helicopter + valley cruise" is best to book in advance, because daily flights are limited. -》Click here to go to reservations

Recommended products: Xixia one-day English-speaking bus tour, you can choose to add helicopter + valley cruise at checkout (including avenue transfers, starting from USD 365 per person) -》 Click here to go to reservations

3. Take off in the South Canyon (Las Vegas with bus group or drive to the South Canyon)

If you are traveling to the South Canyon with a single day, or drive to the South Canyon. You can take the helicopter directly to the airport at South Canyon. Most of the products here are about 25 minutes of canyon helicopter experience, and some products last up to 45 minutes.

Grand Canyon South Helicopter Tour

Recommended product: Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopter (must play for self-driving, USD $225 per person) -> Click here to go to reservations

*And a similar product from Maverick Helicopters -> Click here to go to reservations

How to book?

Where can I order?

We recommend that you can book through us, because we are a travel agency and have been working with these helicopter companies for many years and can get the same industry prices, offer discounts to everyone. In addition, we assist in arranging transfers and confirming the itinerary with the helicopter company. Helicopter products are more complicated because most helicopter products require a second confirmation of the call, and then arrange for more transportation before the departure.

However, in addition to booking on our website, you can also go directly to the official direct booking, or to a third-party platform.Vegas.comWait for reservations (sometimes there are different offers and discounts).It can also be directly in e.g. Papillon Airlines Or Maverick Airlines Direct booking

In addition to online reservations, there are many ticket booths on the Las Vegas Strip and the "Concierge" (a counter that specializes in serving hotel travelers to some surrounding itinerary arrangements) downstairs. They all provide services for booking helicopter products. They provide convenient services, so they usually sell at the original price or charge a service fee, and they all need to communicate in English.

Scheduled considerations

All helicopter products are to be accompanied by the passenger's English name (same as a passport or document) and the approximate weight of each passenger. In addition, there are products that include pick-up and drop-off, you need to tell us which hotel you live in (if you haven't booked a hotel yet, we can also assist with booking).


Overall, there are many helicopter products on the market in Las Vegas. However, according to the classification, the main entry product is the Helicopter Avenue Night Tour, which can be experienced within one hundred dollars (about 12 minutes). . If you have a sufficient budget, it is recommended to participate in a helicopter picnic group (or include landing), the price is about four hundred dollars. If you have a higher budget, you can refer to the Xixia Sea, Land and Air Package, or a small plane to fly to the South Gorge, and then participate in the Valley helicopter, the price is between 500 and 600 US dollars.

Of course, you can also drive to the West Canyon or the South Canyon alone to buy helicopters in the valley. It will be much cheaper. The price is about two hundred dollars. The West Canyon can take the bottom of the boat and the glass bridge.

If you are not familiar with the difference between the West Canyon and the South Canyon, I suggest you refer to: Grand Canyon complete tourism strategy (Compared with Xixia and Nanxia)

Q & A

The following questions about helicopter products are provided as general answers, which are for reference only. Actually, the operating standards of each helicopter company may be slightly different from the products.

Q: How many people can a helicopter sit on?

A: The general helicopters are the first two and the last four seats. A total of six people can sit.

Q: Can children ride?

A: Children over the age of two can buy a full ticket. A birth certificate is required for children under two years of age.

Q: How many rooms are included in the hotel pick-up?

Answer: Most highways and nearby highways will pick up

Q: Are there age restrictions for participants?

A: 18 needs to be accompanied by an adult.

Q: How often do you recommend booking before?

Answer: As helicopter products have limited seats and popular products are very popular during peak seasons, it is recommended to book them before the trip.Ideally, it is booked two weeks to one month ago, and it is usually not enough to book about a week before departure.It is usually difficult to book two or one day before departure (except for the Las Vegas helicopter night tour)