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Las Vegas In addition to the general can imagine the five-star hotel, in these five-star hotel which also has the world's top variety of luxury room type.

From the general suite to the chairman, the presidential suite, until the top floor of the building, or Villa Villa are staggering.

For reservations, we recommend a company that specializes in high-end reservations. Suiteness Through their platform, you can find a lot of suites or higher-class rooms that can't be booked on the general reservation platform. You can find large suites in two rooms, president, presidential suite, or the middle floor of the top floor of the five-star hotel. (Prices range from USD200-300 per night to USD5000 or even tens of thousands.) These suites are generally more expensive to order directly through the hotel! This platform integrates different suites and offers competitive prices and excellent service.

Want to know more about Suiteness, we have an article aboutSuiteness guide and booking experience sharing

In addition, if you have any other questions about booking high-end room types, you are also welcome to contact us (, IFunvegas is a local Chinese online travel agency in Las Vegas. We have good cooperative relationships with many travel agencies, wholesalers, and hotels, and can provide you with preferential prices.

Below we will introduce the most distinctive and top-level room types to everyone. (The order begins with the introduction of a lower-priced entry-level room. If you want to see the most expensive room type, you can pull it directly to the bottom)

1. MGM Skyloft (MGM Grand Hotel Skyloft)


2. Aria Sky Villa (Aria Hotel Sky Villa)

3. Encore Three Bedroom Duplex (Encore penthouse luxury apartment)

4. Bellagio Presidential Suite

5. Palazzo Chairman Suite

6. Marcus Aurelius Villa (Caesar Palace Marcus Villa)

7. Mirage Villa 1-3 bedrooms (Merage Villa)

8. Astoria Waldorf (Presidential Suite)

9. Four Seasons Presidential Suite (Four Seasons Presidential Suite)

10. Palms Hardwood Suite

11. Rio All-suite Palazzo Villa (Rio Hotel Palazzo Villa)

12. Palms Hotel (Sky Villa)