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IFunVegas Las Vegas local Chinese travel agency, land agency

IFunVegas is a local Chinese online travel agency in Las Vegas. We do n’t have physical stores like traditional travel agencies. All the services we provide are completed through Internet mail.

If you have any questions about travel to Las Vegas, you can first send us a message through the message function in the lower right corner, and we will generally reply via email within 12 hours.You can also send an email directly to: you have product-related or more urgent questions, you can call our contact number: 702-381-2301.


IFunvegas was established in the summer of 2014, and since then our annual website traffic has exceeded 250,000+ visitors.Every year, we assist travelers to book more than thousands of show tickets, attraction tickets, hotel accommodation, local tours, etc.

Our services include:

  • Free consultation on travel itinerary
  • Customized itinerary
  • Itinerary, product recommendation and reservation (including hotel accommodation, fun such as show tickets, attractions tickets, helicopters, etc., local groups such as Grand Canyon day trip, Antelope Valley day trip, etc.)
  • Business travel arrangements (company business trips, contacts for conventions and exhibitions, corporate group activities, transportation arrangements, etc.)
  • High-end tours (casino public relations introduction, private charter, Limousine transfers, unique itineraries, etc.)
  • Theme tours (such as attending EDC, concerts, and other events)


Click here to fill in the request form, and our staff will contact you within 12 hours!


We know that there are various inconveniences in traveling in strange cities, or that you do not understand the local conditions, culture, or poor language communication. Therefore, we uphold the spirit of service and hope to provide the best service for all Chinese who travel to Las Vegas, so that everyone can have a good travel vacation and experience.

Below we have sorted out the characteristics of IFunvegas, for your reference to the differences between us and traditional travel agencies in China.

  • Provide local professional advice: Our company and team are in Las Vegas. We are familiar with local attractions, restaurants, and fun.Most of the projects we have even experienced in person can provide the best travel arrangements suggestions.
  • Fragmented products, online booking: Most of the products we offer are single attraction tickets or single-day tours, which provide full self-service and semi-self-service passengers with the flexibility to match the itinerary. Order online before departure, we will send you a confirmation or itinerary information via email after confirming the completion of the order, saving time and convenience.
    • Note: Most of the products are reconfirmed products. After the order is paid, it does not mean that the reservation is completed. If the booking cannot be completed, we will notify you by email and refund you.
  • Price advantage: Due to our long-term cooperation with local shows, hotels and merchants, we can get good inter-distribution prices. For most products, we offer you the best price possible. The charges on our website are very transparent. The price you see on the product page is the tax-included US dollar price, and there will be no additional handling fees at checkout.


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