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[精選] 胡佛水壩、米德湖遊船 一日遊 英文團

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原價 $ 110.00 網路優惠價 $ 105.00



胡佛水壩、米德湖單日遊 (包含遊船),在一整天的行程八小時當中,你會跟隨巴士前往胡佛水壩,進入大壩中聽導覽及遊覽內部建築,另外會有一小時半左右在米德湖上遊船。




1. 到達”歡迎來到內華達州拉斯維加斯”的地標停留10分鐘拍照。

2. 前往 Ethel M Chocolates Factory和Cactus Garden (拉斯維加斯附近韓德森市),停下來參加一個真正的巧克力工廠的自助遊,免費提供巧克力樣品。停留時間:25分鐘

3. 前往博爾德城的米德湖遊船 – 乘坐歷史悠久的沙漠公主和正宗密西西比風格的明輪船,在米德湖涼爽平靜的水面上輕鬆遊覽。持續時間:1小時30分鐘

4. 前往胡佛水壩 (2小時的車程,包括科羅拉多河和胡佛水壩的米德湖兩側的胡佛水壩景觀。包括政府指導的內部旅遊。) 持續時間:2小時


酒店接送時間:約早晨8點左右 (酒店接送時間根據季節不同略有調整)







  • 所有稅費,燃油附加費和服務費
  • 免費酒店接送服務
  • 午餐
  • 胡佛水壩入園
  • 米德湖遊船





Around eight in the morning. Pick up and drop off according to the hotel where the guest stays. Please indicate the name of your hotel when ordering. Note: Not every hotel is suitable for bus stops and transfers, and may be arranged to the nearest pick-up point.


Booking terms and other information

Booking terms

1. The guest cancels the booking 5 days before the departure time. No cancellation fee will be incurred. Cancellation within 5 days will result in a full penalty
. 2. Please remember to bring this confirmation, passport or US government-approved photo ID.
3. Guests please Confirm the exact boarding location with the hotel early before departure, and please arrive on time.

Other information

1. It is recommended to bring sufficient drinking water
2. In addition, due to strong sunlight, it is recommended to wear sunscreen, sunglasses, hats and scarves, etc.
3. It is recommended to wear comfortable outfits and shoes with full coverage
4. If necessary, carry it Motion sickness medicine.
5. There will be no signal on the mobile phone in some areas on the way
. 6. If you signed up for other night tour groups or made an appointment to watch the show that evening, please properly arrange your personal itinerary. Remind that the time schedule is not too tight. The weather, traffic conditions or other irresistible factors may vary. The company is not responsible for any delays or losses arising therefrom.



1. Q: How do I know if the booking is complete after placing an order? A: We will send you a confirmation letter with your travel voucher (Voucher)

2. Q: Is it sufficient to bring my travel voucher when I leave? A: Generally speaking, tour guides will have a passenger list for the day, as long as the name is checked, they can get on the bus. In a few cases, you will need to present a travel voucher to prove it. If you have a problem before departure, please call the emergency contact number on your travel voucher.

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